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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lehigh Valley a Top Ten Site For Economic Development

Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp reports that, for a fifth consecutive year, Site Selection has rated the Lehigh Valley among the top ten performing regions last year. We finished #9 for municipal centers with populations between 200,000 and 1 million. We beat Grand Rapids, Wyoming. Lancaster placed #5.

“The Lehigh Valley has consistently been recognized as one of the top ten regions of its size in the United States for economic growth and development,” said Don Cunningham, president and CEO of the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. “This recognition is particularly important because it’s coming from one of the top read publications in the country for people making economic development decisions. The ranking is a testament to the hard-work and cooperation of our public and private-sector leaders who make economic development a priority by investing in infrastructure, improving the region’s quality of life and helping to provide a quality workforce. It’s that regional cooperation that makes the Lehigh Valley a national success story.”

To qualify for Site Selection’s Award, the new facilities and expansions must have at least $1 million in new investment or re-investment, 20,000 or more square feet of new construction or they must create at least 50 new jobs. The projects cannot be government, educational, retail or residential construction.

During 2012 LVEDC helped to attract eight new companies to the region last year including Westport Axle, Quality Packaging Systems International, Ocean Spray, Pratt Industries and Ice River Springs.

In addition, in December 2012 the Fourth Economy Community Index recognized Lehigh County as one of the top economic communities across the nation poised to attract modern investment and managed economic growth.

Ranked seventh in the “Large-Sized Counties” segment measuring populations between 150,000 and 499,999, Fourth Economy anointed the independent ranking to Lehigh County based on the following criteria: investment, talent, sustainability, place and diversity. Specific indicators include wage and employment growth, education levels, drive times, home values, minority business ownership, agricultural and manufacturing capacity and population density.

Personally, I think its the roller derby.


Anonymous said...

The LV is a top ten site for warehousing. Dubious honor at best.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the roller derby!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely the derby - go Lehigh Valley Rollergirls!