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Friday, March 01, 2013

Dent Breaks Party Ranks to Vote For VAWA

Lehigh Valley Congressman Charlie Dent broke party ranks to join all House Democrats in voting for an expanded Violence Against Women Act yesterday. All Democrats, along with 87 Republicans, supported the Senate version of this measure in the House, which is now on its way to President Barack Obama.

From the House floor, Dent told fellow members that “VAWA has substantially improved our nation’s ability to combat violent crime and protect its victims, providing a strong safety net for women and children across the United States. According to the FBI, incidents of rape have dropped by nearly 20 percent from the law’s enactment in 1994 through 2011.”

He added, “The Senate voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act with a bipartisan majority. Both of Pennsylvania’s Senators supported it. By voting yes on the underlying bill we moved reauthorizing legislation to the President’s desk immediately. It's the right thing to do. It's about time we do it”

He noted that VAWA is crucial to battered women agencies like Turning Point, as well as police officers.


Clinton Oxford said...

How wonderfull, considering the Doctrine of “Inter faeces et uriname nascimur” from the Vatican.
Female is the basis-of-Life. (X-chromosome)
Genetically Speaking: Female's are Superior.
Why are they not recognized as such?
Time for a National Wake-Up call.
Our Priorities are skewered.
Woman is the only entity that will save Mankind in this current Political Enviroment.
Empowerment is NOT man's to give to Woman-kind. They are inherently inbued in Spirit. How do you think we got here today????? WOMAN...THAT'S HOW!

Anonymous said...

In reading the ENTIRE piece of legislation and all its wording, it's obvious this particular Act opens up a whole list of problems that are sure to be challenged in court. It's a messy piece of legislation.

No one is saying VAW is acceptable in any way, it's just that this Act reaches far beyond that.

More evidence that Charlie prefers to jump on whatever sounds nice at the time. Voted for him last time, but not next time.

Anonymous said...

Why does legislation like this require "reauthorization"? Is violence against women going to go away and make the law not necessary? Get real, Repubs.

Anonymous said...

Dent breaks party ranks? That's like a headline that reads: sun rises in the east. He has one of the most liberal voting records of any House Republican. He's barely in their ranks. This is what drives liberals and conservatives crazy about Dent. Most middle of road populists get run over, eventually. Dent, with a shockingly Gerrymandered district, isn't going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Must agree, 10:38 AM - Charlie must go. Further, the entire Republican Party has lost its way and is being led by individuals who are reluctant to put a check on big government. Guys like Charlie tiptoe along ONLY to save their own paycheck. After voting against Charlie in the next primary, my registration might also change.

Anonymous said...

Although well intentioned, this is bad law, passed badly. Charlie's insurance or retail sales background didn't provide him with Constitutional/legal experience. This one sounded too good to possibly be bad.

Anonymous said...

2:55, EXACTLY!

What America needs are legislators who actually "dig in," accept the truth, and do what's right for ALL Americans, not just for their own preservation.

By the way, under this ill-advised legislation, what exactly IS, and who WILL decide ,what harmful words are?

Lighthouse said...

Noble cause, bad law.

The Morrison case is cited in Government classes, along with Lopez, as the pendulum swinging (slightly) back to some acknowldgement that we are still a federal system of government. Rape and violence against people (women or men) is horrible, and is a crime. In fact, with recidivism rates being higher than for other felonies, I think the penalties should be much harsher. That said, as with most crimes, it is the realm of the states. Yes, rape is down since the early 90s but that is the result of states tightening statutory definitions (e.g., marital rape was not recognized in most states until the 90s) and shedding the legal systems' traditional hesitancy/bias to confront these crimes. VAWA survives because, like so many other national laws, grants are dangled out for many noble programs and through their strings Congress takes on one more issue the States willingly allow so they get the money.

I am not a strict constructionist by any means, but if we want DC to legislate on everything, then scrap the Constitution and create a unitary system of government where the states serve as agents of the national government.

Anonymous said...

Good gosh, Lighthouse! If we give up belief in state sovereignty, and have none, where can we move to?


Elected offical said...

Sometimes..Charlie does get it right. Credit where it is due.

Anonymous said...

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