Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What NorCo Council Dem Candidates Say about Themselves

Last week, LV4All hosted a nearly four-hour long candidate's night. It's been posted on YouTube. The following are snippets of what NorCo Council candidates said about themselves.

Patti Bruno: "Trumpism is alive and well, not just in Northampton County, but the entire Lehigh Valley. ... They're going against moderation. 

Tara Zrinski: "I want to tell people what we've actually accomplished. ... [W]e've been able to give small businesses -  almost 800 small businesses - $10.8 of relief. We've also given $16 million to non-profit communities, front-line workers and emergency management. These are huge and this is what Northampton County Council can do with a great Executive."

Bill McGee: "Think about one thing. If we didn't win three years ago, where would the county be today in John Brown's hands?"

Lori Vargo-Heffner: "We were able to increase morale [at Gracedale] and increase their ratings because they were a two-star facility. ... We take care of the unsexy things in government." 

Ron Heckman: "We have candidates coming against us who are extreme - there's just no other way of putting it. ... It is imperative that we protect Gracedale ... County government is the safety net for the most vulnerable citizens of the County." 


Anonymous said...

more taxes will be coming

Anonymous said...

They pretend Gracedale wasn't the most deadly nursing home in the state and required the National Guard to stop the deaths. All of these compassionate candidates sat quietly and comfortably at home and said NOTHING while residents continued to die, unaccompanied by their families. Many had no funerals. These compassionate council members said NOTHING. Zrinski didn't rustle up a single dime she brags about. She jumped in to cause problems with its distribution when the dough finally got here. She was busy amassing her warchest and running for offices and saving the pandemic world from the horror of plastic straws. She did nothing and said nothing about the killing corridors of Gracedale. None of them did. They should be punished at the polls for their deadly disinterest.

Anonymous said...

Dems will probably sweep, except for Bruno. She wears the career politican badge, with nothing else impressive on her resume, and her Trump rhetoric is not applicable for a County race. This is local, not Federal. The slate of Rs that swept the slate in 2013 raised taxes in their first term and got trounced, each one of them, as they should be. Taxpayers never forget. Ms. Lorah-Soldridge as well as Mr. Lynch come from the Scheller cracked egg farm and will not stand a chance among Rs or Ds, as Scheller is poised to lose again the 2022.

Anonymous said...

5:43 people do not learn-they vote the same way--so yes you right taxes will increase in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Gracedale is the largest nursing home in the state. Of course it is near the top of the list in any matrix you use, but thankfully Council and McClure put measures in place to limit the impact of the virus through the home.

Maybe if the federal government had done there job and got the PPE to the right people and did not screw up this vaccine distribution under Trump we would be back to normal now.

Make no mistake about it. The GOP candidates for council as well as for Executive worship at the alter of Trump and they would have done nothing, let people come and go as they please in the home and there would be more dead. They also would have fought the vaccine because even with 500,000 dead Lynch and his band of Council wannabes still believe this is all a hoax. Just look at their Facebook pages if you don't believe me!