Thursday, February 04, 2021

Equal Access to Education Means Equal Access to the Internet

According to NorCo Exec Lamont McClure, "Equal access to education means equal access to the Internet." Northampton County has used $650,000 in CARES Act to make that possible at area schools. 

Bethlehem Area School District purchased 500 T-Mobile hotspots with their funding, supporting 495 students who would otherwise not be able to participate in online learning. Easton Area School District has also purchased hotspots for home internet access for students, online enrollment software to remove the need for in-person registration and Logitech Crayons for teachers to use during remote instruction.


Anonymous said...

Councils have urged this for years.

Anonymous said...

Council's may have urged it, but they never followed though. McClure just made it happen!

Anonymous said...

Internet should be free. Sell data mining of users. Everyone needs it . Like my Obama phone. Free so make internet free.