Wednesday, February 10, 2021

F*&k the Police? Think Again

Over the summer, convicted felon Hasshan (call me Doctor) Batts gleefully led an Allentown mob with chants of "Fuck the Police." A short video clip appeared to show a police officer kneeling on the neck of a drunk and addict staggering and puking outside of St. Luke's Hospital. Rather than wait until the facts were known, pretend social justice warriors were all-too-willing to assume the worst. Opportunists like City Council member Joshua Siegel was happy to dox Mayor Ray O'Connell, leading to multiple harassing calls and threats to burn his home down. Justan Parker, who himself was facing charges for giving false identification to police and led mobs that pounded on the doors and windows of City Council, is now running for that positions. Siegel and Ce-Ce Gerlach, another City Council member, both voted against federal grants to the Allentown police. And now Ce-Ce Gerlach, who has alienated both police and firefighters, is running for Mayor. So what are Allentown police doing? Beating heads? Kneeling on necks? No, as the attached photo reveals, they are saving lives.  

These are the public servants Gerlach wants to defund.    


Anonymous said...

Both Joshua Siegel and Ce-Ce Gerlach are an embarrassment to Allentown due to their participation in the protests arranged by Hassan Batts, Hassan Batts is a twice convicted felon for drug distribution and as such should not be allowed to run Promise Neighborhood. It is my understanding that Allentown stopped funds to Promise Neighborhoods due to his convictions. Former State Representative candidate Enid Santiago is another person that was part of these protests. Gerlach & Siegel evidently failed high school civics class where the responsibilities of government were taught. Otherwise they would know that many of the positions they take are not the responsibility of city government. All four of these individuals are nothing more than glory seeking, self appointed opportunists.

The Allentown Police is a very professional unit and should be applauded for their excellent service, not criticized. I am glad the local media reported the efforts of the Allentown Police assisting an elderly resident. This is not an isolated case but truly is the norm.

Anonymous said...

Report on Mezzacappa's victory you putz

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am unaware of any victory. Please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Those dastardly officers! Imagine, serving and protecting their asses off!
Police forces are made of people just like you and me. Most have good intentions, some don't. We as a species tend to highlight failure. Keep up the good work Allentown PD.

Anonymous said...

In my book, APD are they good guys and gals while Seigel and Gerlach represent the bad guy and bad girl. I love how Siegel is now serving as a lap dog for the riverfront developers from Jersey City. He is applauding them and gushing with enthusiasm, vowing to approve all their re-zoning proposals, all the while he denigrates our hometown police force, Allentown's finest. This guy Siegal is the absolute worst type of far left, self-serving wanna-be big city corrupt politician I've seen in a while. Too bad for us he didn't wind up in Philadelphia.