Monday, February 01, 2021

Lisa Spitale Also Seeking Judge Taschner's Seat

Lisa Spitale

On Friday, I told you about Assistant Public Defender Susie Hutnik's candidacy for the magisterial district judgeship currently being held by retiring Judge Jackie Taschner. Later that day, I learned that another candidate is running as well. Her name is Lisa Spitale. 

Spitale is a graduate of Penn State University (undergrad) and University of Miami School of Law. She first went to work for Charles Gordon for 10 years, and is currently a partner at Spitale, Vargo, Madsen & Blair in Easton. She has practiced law for 16 years.

In addition to her work in private practice, Spiale has been a volunteer attorney at North Penn Legal Services since 2005, where she has assisted indigent clients with family matters and foreclosures. Like Hutnik, Spitale is a recipient of the Bar Association's pro bono award. She also served as the Bar's President. 

Lisa also participates in the Book Buddies Program, which encourages reading by sending volunteer attorneys into elementary schools to read to students and give away free books.

Spitale lives in Forks Tp with her husband, Attorney Michael Vargo. They have an 11 year old son. 

Spitale views a judgeship as a logical extension of her service as a lawyer. ""My legal career has offered me a great opportunity to serve my community," she states in her announcement. "Every day I work tirelessly for the equal treatment of working families, the poor, the indigent, and the alleged incapacitated."


James Neara said...

The "alleged incapacitated?"

Anonymous said...

She's a well qualified candidate that is honest and hardworking. She has my vote.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes.,when a person is taken to court bc he is thought to be unable to manage his affairs, he is an alleged incapacitated. That is the term used.

Bob Glazer said...

I have known Lisa as colleague and friend for almost twenty years. We worked together in juvenile court and in the representation of those who were brought to Court usually by the County Area Agency on Aging asking for the appontment of guardians to handle their personal and finanacial affairs. These were difficult cases, but she represented her clients diligently and with personal integrity throughout. She also was always there to assist the other counsel and the Court whenever it was needed. She will make a fine MDJ and has the personal and professional qualifications making her well suited for the position.

Bob Glazer

Anonymous said...

How in the world is Lisa Spitale walking around uncharged much less seeking office as a judge. She's a violent racketeer that ought to have been charged. Northampton County continues to be victimized by organized crime and really really stupid and obvious cronyism. The people of Northampton County are not served at all by its county government. My daughter was regularly assaulted by this dim criminal pig. Third degree cigarette burns confirmed by highly qualified MD's and bruises from restraint. Spitale should have been incapacitated 15 years ago. Hey Lisa what was my daughter doing in a parking lot all day meeting "judge friends"? Is that how new business is generated in NC. Remember when YOU took her to a parking lot Ms. Spitale?

Sincerely, Thomas Kraemer 646-528-3124

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have no idea what you are talking about, dislike your vulgar language and have no reason to believe that Lisa Spitale is anything but a highly ethical and principled person. I note that a claim you filed in federal court was dismissed as"frivolous."