Monday, February 08, 2021

Most Gracedale Residents Vaccinated for Covid-19

Jennifer Stewart King
Gracedale Administrator Jennifer Stewart King advised Northampton County Council on Thursday that most residents have received at least the first of two Covid-19 vaccines. She indicated 270 residents have received their first vaccine, while 170 now have both. The average daily census at the facility was 535 in December. 

A news release after the meeting indicated that 369 Gracedale personnel (this includes staff from outside agencies) have been vaccinated at least once. 

There currently are approximately 230 vacancies at the facility, but the census is also about 150 lower than it has been in the past. 

Stewart King notes this is because one tower has been closed completely as a Covid-19 precaution, while the census at another is used strictly as for "transition" residents, i.e those in isolation 

There were 18 new hires in December. 

Stewart King thanked her staff for rising to the challenge presented by last Sunday's snowstorm, which dumped 33" on the nursing home. She indicated that some of her staff stayed from Sunday until Wednesday evening.   

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