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Thursday, February 18, 2021

NorCo Courthouse Might Be Safest Building in the County

At this time of year, I'm used to sitting next to people who cough and sneeze as they battle winter colds and flu. Not this year. Before getting inside the courthouse, everyone must undergo a temperature check. Everyone must mask and social distancing is mandatory. Inside, there are various phone soap machines with which you can disinfect cellphones, car keys and pens. While there have been some Covid-19 infections, they've been remarkably few. I've seen no one with as much as a common cold. On top of all these measures, I recently discovered that, at the courthouse, Executive Lamont McClure has had air purification systems installed throughout the building. 

These systems were installed by Operations and Maintenance into existing HVAC systems.

These purifiers implement high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light to neutralize and reduce concentrations of airborne bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. This in turn reduces the risk of infection to anyone within the building.

These systems have also been installed in the Human Services building. 

Unfortunately, the jail and Gracedale use different systems for air circulation. 

While I'm sure Covid-19 transmission can still occur in a building where the public is welcome, I am once again very impressed by the lengths to which McClure has gone to keep employees safe. I was impressed by the flashing crosswalk, and this measure shows a real commitment to the worker. 


Anonymous said...

So you ran this puff piece to counter Mr. Cusick's remarks about the staff. It is not just the staff at Gracedale but throughout the county at large. McClure and Deringer are arrogant and authoritarian. They demand complete obedience. They threaten employees to not speak to anyone especially council.

Of course you will deny that as you have always been his guy. Employees are very pleased that Mr. Cusick is raising these concerns as we wish county council would confront McClure about the employee morale problem at the county.

Anonymous said...

More free PR for McClure. Employees have been complaining for years about the air quality in the building. Doctors have noted less people getting colds and the flu. McClure has done nothing miraculous than any other employer. Don't make him out to be what he is not. Employees and taxpayers hate him and the Administration.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I ran this "puff piece" bc it is warranted. I am well aware that, for years, people have complained about air quality inside the building. I was genuinely shocked to learn late Monday that McClure actually did something about it. There was no news release. I actually found out by accident. I consider this move, along with the crosswalk improvements, a life saver. I believe that it's entirely appropriate to note. In fact, I called a fellow searcher yesterday about this. He, like me, has in the past developed pneumonia in the winter at the courthouse. We both suspected the recirculated air. He was stunned and very pleased. This was done at human services as well.

Except for some of the entitled social workers upset that they can't pretend to work from their vacation homes, employees regard McClure as the boss. I am aware of no exec who is popular among employees while he is Exec. That usually happens after he leaves.

The mantra that employees are told they are unable to speak out is a lie. I know that was true under Brown and it is untrue now.

E Mest said...

I think Mr McClure is a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Wish he'd shown more concern for Gracedale patients and families, instead of remaining silent about Wolf's deadly decisions that most acutely affected Gracedale. That The National Guard had to be requested is stunning. But he gets a free pass from two sleepy newspapers and a blogger providing in kind campaign support. Oh well, it's only a few dozen dead old people. They won't be voting anyway.

Anonymous said...

That so called "crosswalk improvement" is a joke. I drove up the hill recently. Those sides are not going to do anything to save someone from getting hit. The only that will fix that crosswalk area is to build up and over. Another PR item.

Anonymous said...

The employees aren’t that happy Bernie, maybe talk to some different ones

Anonymous said...

You make it sound like this was Executive Lamont McClure idea to have the air purification systems installed throughout the building. I don't think so, you need to check more into this if you really want the truth. Face it, anything to make himself look good.