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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Morganelli Forms Cell Phone Store Robbery Task Force

Michael Davis,a Verizon store employee,
was ambushed and murdered on his return home.
As a result of a rash of cell phone robberies in the Lehigh Valley and nearby New Jersey, NorCo DA John Morganelli has formed a multi-jurisdictional task force. He has placed Assistant DA Patricia Mulqueen in charge of getting a handle on robberies that have appeared to target Verizon stores. An employee at one those Verizon stores is a homicide victim, having been ambushed and shot upon his return from work one evening. All of these crimes are currently unsolved.

Mulqueen has been tasked with conducting daily team meetings, after which she will brief Morganelli.

Since October, there have been cell phone store robberies in South Whitehall, Wind GapLopatcong (NJ), Bethlehem Township and Forks Tp.

Michael Davis, a Palmer Tp man who worked at the robbed Forks Tp Verizon store, was ambushed and shot dead upon his return home from the store in Forks last November.

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