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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Hanover: Two More Big Boxes Planned Along Jaindl Blvd

PennDOT improvements planned along Schoenersville Road

After hearing Hanover Township resident Lorna Rossnagle complain about "extremely disruptive" truck traffic along Jaindl Boulevard, Hanover Tp Supervisors last night heard that developer J.G. Petrucci is planning to build two more big boxes along the same road. Kevin Horvath, P.E., representing Petrucci, presented plans for two flex warehouses (99,000 sq ft and 94,300 sq ft), which he said would be 70% warehouse and 30% light industrial. Supervisors unanimously agreed to consolidate three tracts into one 16.3 acre lot, but the development itself is only in the initial stages.

Residents of Traditions of America, through a spokesperson (I neglected to ask his name), expressed concerns about the noise from truck traffic that already exists along Jaindl Boulevard, which is made worse when trucks go over storm drains. In addition to noise, they are concerned that the larger building will seem higher because it will be built along a higher elevation. The berm in that area is only 2' high and will do little to reduce noise, he observed.

Steve Salvesen said that they will consider these concerns as development progresses, but Township Manager Jay Finnigan warned that if the plan submitted complies with local ordinances, there is little that can be done. "It is what it is," he cautioned.

Michael Prendeville to donate funds to library
for kindle raffle to increase usage
Township engineer Brien R. Kocher later explained that there are sumps at curbs, and if a truck goes into them, it's going to make a loud noise. Finnigan told Supervisors that there's a perception that a large truck is going faster than it actually is,noting he will get complaints about township trucks driving at high rates of speed when GPS shows they are under the speed limit. A truck inspection officer regularly patrols the area.

In other business, Supervisors and residents alike heard from PennDOT on intersection improvements along Schonersville Road, between Eighth Avenue and Stoke Park Road, planned for next Spring.

In a less controversial matter, Supervisors voted to approve a conditional use application by Lehigh Valley Academy for an expansion of their school at 1650 Valley Center Parkway.

Michael Prendeville also reported to fellow Supervisors on a recent visit he had with Bethlehem Area Public Library, in which Hanover Township is a participant. "It's a very difficult industry to be in," he said, explaining that advancing technology presents challenges to a library. He notes that one thing the library does, and does very well, is provide services to children. This includes homework assistance. In order to promote membership and usage by Hanover township residents, he will be donating money to the library for a raffle of kindles to new township users.


Anonymous said...

The TOA residents keep forgetting they are the exception and presented lots of inaccurate statements. Trying to sensationalize a situation they bought into. NIMBY doesn't work here. They are the backyarders.

Anonymous said...

I thought Hanover Township is all "built out" according to Mr. Walbert?

Bernie O'Hare said...

HT is pretty much built out. Those lots are part of a commercial subdivision.

Paul Arnold said...

There must be a reason that Anonymous writes anonymously.
He states that there were lots of inaccurate statement.
Name ONE please.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Arnold, it is no ones fault but your own for purchasing where you purchased. Maybe you were tricked by the Traditions sales people, it doesn't matter. Your community was given the exception in an area zoned for warehouses. You waste your time and the boards time, you will not win, you have no chance of winning. I understand as a retired person you get bored often, but don't make the Hanover board sit through your complaints, it's embarrassing. Put your home on the market if you are upset. There are plenty of alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Your statement that the roads aren't safe for trucks. Care to comment on the fact that your documents indicated you bought in a commercial area and the lands surrounding you were zoned for EXACTLY what is being built.

PWA said...

How would you know if I am retired or not and how much time I have. Perhaps you should ask yourself about how you are spending your time.
Maybe you do not believe in democracy if you think I should not waste the boards time. It is not whether I win or lose, it is that it is my duty and responsibility to voice concerns I might have in representing our community.
I have accepted responsibility for buying here and have expressed so to the board. I and most are happy here but to think we can not or should not voice concerns is against what and who we are. As the saying goes, they work for us.
And lastly, do you think that who ever planed our community years ago has any responsibility. Did those planners think is was a good idea to put 241 homes in the middle of an industrial area? I did not make the exception, the planners made the exception. Maybe I should have investigated what would be built around us but the planners knew.
Is Hanover happy about all the trucks from Lower Nazareth Twp now traveling thru Hanover Twp. I do not think so and I believe they would and will voice their concerns for further Lower Nazareth Twp developement that would send more truck their way.
I believe many in HT government are at least sympathize and would believe have the right and a place to voice all of our concerns as long as we feel we need to do so.

Bernie O'Hare said...

PWA, For what it is worth, I think you folks have been more or less exemplary at meetings, and have not been out of line in any way. Yes, this is next to you, but you have every right to be concerned about noise abatement, and Supervisors listened when you spoke. So did the developer.