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Monday, March 13, 2017

Tony Lupo: "District Magisterial Court is the people’s court"

The Slate Belt Magisterial District has attracted seven candidates. Alicia Zito, recently appointed to the position, is facing a challenge from Cody Hendershot (Colonial Regional police officer), Tony Lupo (construction), Jason Labar (public defender), Ty Comunale (constable), Heather Fehnel (magisterial clerk) and Dominic Marraccini (Easton police officer?). All but Marraccini have cross-filed. Marraccini has only filed on the Republican side.

I Have posted stories about Zito, LaBar and Hendershot. I am willing to post announcements from any magisterial candidate. I received one on Friday from Tony Lupo, who says he completed the Magisterial District Judge certification course held in December 2016. He is certified and can hit the ground running.

Lupo holds a bachelor’s degree from Shippensburg University (Criminal Justice) and is the owner of a successful construction company, Custom Elite Builders (C.E.B. LLC).

"The District Magisterial Court is the people’s court," he says. "The people’s court should be represented by a citizen that more closely resembles the people of the area it is to serve."He adds that, according to the Minor Judiciary Education Board, only 148 of the 527 district judges are attorneys.

He also has said he will decline ALL political contributions, saying they threaten the integrity of the position.

Tony currently lives in Washington Township with his wife, Lori Lupo, and their three children. There will be a campaign event Friday March 25, 1-3pm at Johnnies Restaurant and Pizza, 117 Washington Boulevard Bangor. See Tony’s website for additional information.



Anonymous said...

An owner of a business never heard of. CEB Elite Builders? Umm NO Thank you. A carpetbagger here less then 10 years with NO ties to this area and is not even a real business owner..... Carpet baggers come and go... Perhaps he should have stayed in Milton where he is from...... Why did he leave Milton where he has roots? He does not have a prayer of getting elected even if he handed out donations instead of taking them.

Anonymous said...

What I like about Tony is he is not an attorney or a cop, especially a cop. Police officers are a big fraternity and I feel certain if you were able to do a survey you would find that you don't stand a chance when going in front of a cop when you were just charged by another cop. I have never voted for an attorney or a cop for magistrate and never will.

Anonymous said...

I want someone who is fair and not just some "average" guy. I want someone like Zito- compassion as a mom and also a leader in the community and has done something with her life and is out in our community with the youth. A law degree is fine but that is not what just defines her. First class all the way around. She has my families and friends vote. This "tony" guy? Never heard of him or his business..... and enough aid there... I'm not gonna vote for somebody who came here less then 10 years ago and vote for him cause he is not a police officer or a lawyer.. that's just silly.

Anonymous said...

This one has got to be a import for team snakeoil soul saleZ sector?

Jeff Fox said...

Often, we hear that change begins at the local level politically. I believe that to be true. The Slate Belt Magisterial race is such an example. In the previous election, the people voted for something different. Politics as usual is no longer acceptable. No more “establishment”- no more status quo. Even in the two elections prior, the American people voted for “hope and change”. Conservatives especially must decide what they really want. Do they want to put principle over personality? For example, if you like the idea of term limits, you must be willing to “sacrifice” a legislator you may love, but whose time may be up. Alicia Zito Goodrich represents the “establishment”. Nothing personal, Mrs. Goodrich may indeed be a great human being, however, she does represent “politics as usual”. She has switched parties. She has connections. She has her law degree (as does her husband). These are all great things in and of themselves. She is certainly qualified, perhaps over-qualified. But do we want or need another “lawyer” in this position, or do we want someone more “blue collar”, such as Heather Fehnel or Mr. Lupo or another candidate? This is really where the rubber meets the road. How much change do we really want? How much status quo are we willing to put up with because we “like” someone. Are we more concerned with principle or personality?

Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea to have an established and well-respected person who knows the law making legal determinations, no?

Anonymous said...

I think all the comments from the ...candidates are funny

Anonymous said...

Local law enforcement speaks well of district judge appointee Alicia Zito. Cody Hendershot also well qualified and respected by regional law enforcement. After the decades of turmoil created by Sherwood Grigg..the decision is a fairly easy one.