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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

PPL's Laydown Yard Lies Down

Bethlehem Township Manager Melissa Shafer, in her monthly report for March, reports that PPL's proposed Laydown Yard is lying down. Or is it laying? Or should it be a Liedown Yard? Whether it's lie or lay, PPL has informed the Township that the project is taking a nap.

Where is this laydown yard proposed? On Farmersville Road, located between Lehigh River and Freemansburg Avenue. It's where PPL would store utility poles, transformers, wires and vehicles from which it could respond promptly when emergency repairs are needed as a result of an accident or major storm.

Utilities are exempt from township zoning laws. PPL would only need clearance from the Public Utility Commission.


Anonymous said...

While I enjoy the grammatical gymnastics here, I wasn't clear what the end result was. Does this mean the lay down yard is not moving forward? If that's the case, is this particular plot of land not suitable, or did this strike you as a simple delay? I'd much prefer the corn fields than a pole field if given the choice. Thanks for reporting this!

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's "on hold."

Anonymous said...

Probably advised to hold off till BASD sells off land and won't have to pay for intersection improvements. Pillow talk.