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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why Should Slate Belt Voters Elect Heather Fehnel?

Heather Fehnel has asked me to tell you about her her candidacy for the Magisterial District Judge position in the Slate Belt. It's a crowded race that includes six other candidates.

Alicia Zito is the incumbent, but not as a result of an election. She was appointed. She is an attorney who served as a Judicial Law Clerk in Northampton County and on the Superior Court. She also contributed to a benchbook for magisterial district judges. The other candidates include Colonial Regional police officer Cody Hendershot, Monroe County Assistant Public Defender Jason Labar, construction manager Tony Labar, Constable Ty Comunale and Easton police officer Dominic Marraccini. All but Marraccini have cross-filed. Marraccini is running on the GOP ballot only.

In her announcement, Fehnel calls herself a single mother with a 10-year-old daughter. A lifelong resident of Pen Argyl, she holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Northampton Community College. She also received her Magisterial District Judge Certification held by the Minor Judiciary Board in Harrisburg, PA.

She describes herself as a person with a "strong work ethic"and who has always held two or three jobs throughout her entire working career. This includes work at Family and Friends Country Restaurant, a Bushkill Township diner that her family owns and operates.
She worked for Criminal Defense Attorney Eric Dowdle in Allentown, preparing trial note books and interviewing defendants. She currently works for Central Booking in Allentown, handling arraignments with Magisterial District Judges and processing. She did work for Magisterial District Judge Doug Schlegel, but was required to resign to run for the position.

I asked her what sets her apart in this crowded field. Why should Slate Belt voters choose her?
"The members of our community should vote me because my temperament has always led me to be fair and open minded. Growing up in a lower income family taught me to use every resource for personal development. It taught me work ethic, persistence, and to strive for goals. This will not be just a job for me but a way to show the hard-working Slate-Belt families that anything is possible if you put your heart and mind to it. I have ideas that I would love to implement with the juveniles that come through the system in the office and show juveniles much more by having a positive influence and be a role model for the juveniles and not just bang the gavel down on them. I would like to work with rehab facilities and animal shelters to set up programs that will help create a positive influence for the teens of our community.

"My experience sets me aside from the other candidates alone. I have been working with the magisterial district judges in Lehigh County for over 8 years processing all the paperwork for arraignments during night court. I later started working for a Northampton County District Magistrate Judge Schlegel for over 5 years. Secretary’s in that position need as competent as the Judge for the court to run efficiently. I will not only sit on the bench but I will work right alongside with the secretary’s and be a team player."
If you would like to learn more about Heather Fehnel, please visit https://m.facebook.com/VoteHeatherFehnel/


Anonymous said...

She sounds like a good candidate. I generally prefer non-attorneys for these positions. I feel like attorneys with mediocre practice volume levels sometimes seek to fall back on these MDJ positions for the guaranteed paycheck.

Anonymous said...

I know she would be a great person for the position because I know her personally and all she has accomplished. She was also chooses by pen argyl school to go to state police camp and her group was number one when completed. I am happy to see someone really wants to help the youth and other organizations to deal with all the drugs these kids are dying from or addictive to.

Anonymous said...

single mom??? what a line of B.S. her baby daddy is richer than rich who funds the kid who attends private school and owns a horse. try talking to a real single mom. stick to fingerprinting criminals at the jail. all these wannabes don't stand a chance up against zito

Jeff Fox said...

Heather Fehnel is the real deal. She has been the only candidate to come to my door and actually come back, just like she said she would, sit down at my dining room table and talk with my wife and me. As an independent, I couldn't even sign her petition. She gave up valuable time to listen to the people. I have nothing personal against Mrs. Zito Goodrich, but she represents the establishment, the status quo. Heather Fehnel has the experience necessary and has not just taken, but also passed the exam. Anonymous at 7:40 AM attacks Heather Fehnel because "her baby daddy is richer than rich". Attacking someone like that is more of a 'heart issue" and not a political one. Alicia Zito Goodrich chooses to use the Zito name because of its' many advantages. I would too. She is married to another attorney. I do not think that they live within the lower income brackets either. It is not about people. It is about principle. Heather Fehnel has the experience. Heather Fehnel has the drive, will and determination. Heather Fehnel has the heart. Heather Fehnel must work hard for what she has and gets. Heather Fehnel is not a lawyer. She does not represent the establishment. She does not perpetuate the status quo. She is one of us. Isn't that what the "Drain the Swamp movement" wants or at least wanted? How much real change do we really want? Heather Fehnel represents real change.

Anonymous said...

She stand's pretty much a ZERO chance of beating Zito up in that area as do most of the others. She sounds good but she has zero court room experience, yes she pushed papers for the Judges, that doesn't equate to having courtroom knowledge. The others are attorney's, police and a constable, people who have courtroom experience and knowledge of the law and how it works. If I had to rely on a Judge in a court of law it would be them. Wish her luck though.

Anonymous said...

To the person that wanted to point out that Heather Fehnel's "baby daddy" has money...Let's talk money-Alicia Zito doesn't come from a wealthy family? I'm pretty sure that is why she kept the last name Zito. Let's also talk about how Mrs. Goodrich was appointed her position. Do you think it could've been the money her daddy paid a State Representative? I'm sure if someone looked into how she was able to be appointed, we would find some shadiness there. I mean, when was the last time a Magisterial Judge was just appointed?! I'm pretty sure not often, if at all. I've heard her "friends" talk about how her daddy paid of a State Representative for her position. Pretty shitty that she would brag about that. Wondering if maybe he also paid for her to pass the bar?! I mean, how many times did it take her? But, these are all things she shouldn't want people to know about...I know I wouldn't be bragging if my daddy had to dig me out of everything and pay for my way. As soon as the Slatebelt finds out how Alicia really got her position, I'm pretty sure the HONEST candidates will prevail. Good Luck to Heather Fehnel and all the other HARD WORKING, CLASSY candidates!

Bernie O'Hare said...

4:00, You've made some serious anonymous accusations. State reps have nothing to do with the appointment of a magistrate or judge. That would be the Guv. If there has been a pay off,identify the state rep in question. Tell us the amount paid. Is it in a campaign finance report? Are you aware that a payment by Judge Zito would be criminal? Please provide as much detail as you can so I can notify the PSP and FBI to demand an e=immediate investigation.

Of course this is all nonsense, just as the slams at Heather are petty.

This is a position that requires someone who has an even disposition. I have no reason to doubt that both Alicia and Heather are exceptional. Let's leave it at that. It is my fault this has deteriorated bc I should have deleted the shot at Fehnel, which was vulgar, and I apologize to her for that. I left it there only bc there was similar nonsense at LVL. But from this point, I will take a dim view of these slurs.

These are both very nice people, and both happen to be ladies. I know Alicia and consider her the obvious choice, but I have also heard many good recent things about Fehnel, including those remarks by Jeff Fox. And he signs his name.

I usually allow everything in electoral contests.But my experience in doing this 11 years tells me these races are always the most ugly. Therefore,from this point, I will delete all anonymous personal attacks at any candidate for magisterial district judge.