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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Who's Running This Year in Northampton County?

Easton City Council candidate Taiba Sultana and Bethlehem City Council candidate
Olga Negron, add diversity and a different perspective than we have experienced in generations
Yesterday was the deadline for nomination petitions in this year's municipal races. Over the past two days, candidates have cascaded into the NorCo elections office. I was lucky to have a front row seat witnessing democracy in action. Though municipal races usually have the lowest turnouts, these are the office holders who have the biggest impact on your lives. Below is an unofficial list of who has filed in Northampton County for various local offices, from borough councils to County Executive. I excluded elections inspectors, elections judges and tax collectors. I will have a separate posts for magisterial district judge candidates and school boards.

In many local governments, you will see the races are uncontested. In Bethlehem, no one has stepped forward to oppose Mayor Bob Donchez or four city council members seeking re-election. You might think they would all breathe a sigh of relief, but Olga Negron told me as she stood in line that she was hoping others would have run.

"It's more exciting," she said.

That's the attitude of someone who believes in democracy. Negron is a Latina in a city with an underrepresented Latino and Hispanic Bethlehem's population. Sultana is a Muslim, and represents perhaps the Lehigh Valley's most misunderstood population. After one incident of terror, she provided a Muslin perspective from her bible, which she calls "The Holy Quran": "If any one killed a person, it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind; and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole of mankind.”

County Executive (uncontested primary)
- Lamont McClure (D)
- John Brown (R)

Ron Angle, the NorCo Bulldog, is back!
Northampton County Council At-Large (5 seats) (uncontested primary)
- Peter Melan (D)
- William McGee (D)
- Ron Heckman (D)
- Tara Zrinski (D)
- Lori Vargo Heffner (D)
- Ron Angle (R)
- Peg Ferraro (R)
- Hayden Phillips (R)
- Glenn Geissinger (R)
- Seth Vaughn (R)

Blogger's Note: Think of this uncontested primary as the calm before the storm. I can guarantee you that Lamont McClure is going to hit Brown, and hard for what he has called a callous, crony-filled and corrupt administration. Brown will have to explain why he spent his third year in office running for something else. Geissinger has the same problem. He spent his third year running for Congress, while Seth Vaughn thinks you're stupid and don't care if he missed the Council's most important meeting of the year. 

Olga Negron, sole City Council
member who lives on south side
Bethlehem Mayor (unopposed)

- Bob Donchez (D)

Bethlehem City Council (4 seats) (unopposed)
- Eric Evans (D)
- John Waldron (D)
- Bryan Callahan (D)
- Olga Negron (D)

Blogger's Note  This lack of interest is a very bad sign for Bethlehem. This is precisely the kind of atmosphere in which corruption blossoms. 

Easton City Council District I  (unupposed)
- Roger Ruggles (D)

Easton City Council District II
- Terrence Miller (D)
- Jim Edinger (D)
Taiba Sultana with her husband

Easton City Council District III
- Sandra Vulcano (D)
- Taiba Sultana (D)

Blogger's Note: There is a D after Terrence Miller's name, but he's his own man. And I am delighted that someone is taking on Sandra Vulcano, who represents the very worst in politics and government. 

Allen Tp Supervisor (2 seats) 
- Al Pierce (D)
- Gerald Montanari (R)
- Bruce Frack (R)

Bangor Boro Mayor 
- Brooke Kerzner (D)
- Dave Houser (D)
- Robert Rhodes (R)

Ryan Stauffer,an attorney with Gross,McGinley, is running
for Lower Saucon Tp Council. He wants the Township
to retain its rural character 
Bangor Boro Council Ward 1 (1 seat) (uncontested primary)
- Lisa Fogel (D)
- Robert Rhodes (R)

Bangor Boro Council Ward 2 (1 seat) (uncontested)
-Michael Bilotta (D)

Bangor Boro Council Ward 3 (1 seat) (4 years) (uncontested)
- Jane Groman (D)

Bangor Boro Council Ward 3 (1 seat) (2 years)
- Robert Engle (D)

Bath Boro Mayor (unopposed)
- Fiorella Mirabito (R)

Bath Boro Council (3 seats) 
- Carol Bear Heckman (D)
- Anthony Kovalovsky (D)
- Harrell Geter (D)
- Michele Ehrgott (D)
- Michaelreph (R)

Jane Mellert is running
unopposed in Plainfield Tp
Bethlehem Tp Comm'r Ward 2 (1 seat) (unopposed)
- Michael Hudak (D)

Bethlehem Tp Comm'r Ward 4 (1 seat)
- Paul Weiss (R)
- John Merhottein (R)
- Philip Grieshaber (D)

Blogger's Note: Just two years ago, Bethlehem Township went Democratic. It's going to remain that way for at least two more years.  

Bushkill Tp Supervisor (2 seats)
- Julianne Bender (R)
- Carolyn Hill (R)

Chapman Borough Mayor and 3 Council Seats - no candidates

East Allen Tp Supervisor (2 seats)
- Joy Hemming (R)
- Brian Budraitis (R)
- Edward Heiser (R)
- Georgiann Hunsicker (R)
- Janice Buskirk (R)
- Madelyn Kemp(R)
- Eric Yocum (D)

Blogger's Note: To see seven candidates fighting over two seats surprises me. Is it the planned warehouses?

Jeff bracken in running in Wilson. "We
don't have a plan or vision," he says. "We're
in a very, very bad spot."
East Bangor Mayor (uncontested)
- Derek Powell (R)

East Bangor Boro Council (4 seats) 
- Clifford James (D)
- Susan Ruggiero (R)
- Derek Powell (R)
- Jennifer Reese (R)

East Bangor Boro Council (1 seat) (2 years) - no candidates

Forks Tp Supervisor (1 seat)
- Edward Keegan (D)
- Daniel Martyak (R)

Freemansburg Mayor
- Gerald C Yob (D)
- Donald Lasso (D)

Freemansburg Boro Council (3 seats) - no candidates

Glendon Boro Mayor and  2 Council seats - no candidates

This young man is running for President.
His grammy wants a seat on
Walnutport Boro Council
Hanover Tp Supervisor (2 seats) (uncontested)
- John Nagle (R)
- Susan Lawless (D)

Hellertown Boro Mayor (uncontested)
- David Heintzelman (D)

Hellertown Boro Council (4 seats)
- Thomas Rieger (D)
- James Hill (D)

Lehigh Tp (2 seats) (6 year terms) (uncontested)
- Michael Jones (R)
- Cindy Miller (R)

Lehigh Tp (1 seat) (4 year term)
- Cindy Miller (R)
- Phillip Gogel (R)
- Blaine Holden (R)
- Jeffrey Doll (D)

Lower Mount Bethel Tp Supervisor (2 seats)
- Sandra Newman (D)

Lower Nazareth Supervisor (2 seats)
- Gerald Green (D)
- LeRoy Bickert (D)

Lower Saucon Tp Council (2 seats)
- Ryan Stauffer (D)
- Glenn Kern (R)
- Ron Horiszny (R)

               Pen Argyl Mayor Mike Sabatine tells me he was a Sabatino,
but had to cut the "o" off his name 
Moore Tp Supervisor (1 seat)
- Randolph Emery (D)
- Lyle Woodard (D)
- Lois Kerbacher (D)
- Randy Silfies (R)
- David Shaffer (R)
- David Tashner (R)
- David Lack (R)

Blogger's Note: Obviously, something has people riled up in Moore Township. 

Nazareth Boro Mayor (uncontested)
- Lance Colondo (D)

Nazareth Borough Council Ward 1 (1 seat) (uncontested)
- David Crook (D)

Nazareth Borough Council Ward 2 (1 seat) (uncontested)
-Jessica Teel

Nazareth Borough Council Ward 3 (2 seats) (uncontested)
- Charles Donello (D)
- Charles Strye (R)

Blogger's Note: Nazareth is as goofy as ever. An admitted thief who was forced to resign as Mayor is running unopposed for a Council seat.   

Mary Ann Sofronie thinks "we can do a lot better
in Wilson." She laments the lack of new
businesses and rising taxes
Northampton Mayor
- John Yurish (D)
- Thomas Reenock (D)

Northampton Boro Council Ward 1 (1 seat) - no candidates

Northampton Boro Council Ward 2 (1 seat)
- Tony Pristash (R)
- Kathryn Novogratz (D)

Northampton Boro Council Ward 3 (1 seat) (uncontested)
- Robert McHale (R)

Northampton Boro Council Ward 4 (1 seat) (uncontested)
- Anthony Lopsonzski (D)

North Cata Boro Mayor (uncontested)
- William Molchany (D)

North Cata Boro Council (4 seats)
- Peter Paone (R)
- Mark Gioielli (R)
- Joseph Keglovitz (D)
- Cherie Gebhardt (D)
- John Yanek (D)

Palmer Tp Supervisor (1 seat)
- Ann Marie Panella (D)
- Charles Bellis (D)

Pen Argyl Boro Mayor  (uncontested)
- Mike Sabatine (R)

Pen Argyl Boro Council Ward 1 (1 seat) (uncontested)
- Brian Gold (D)

Pen Argyl Boro Council Ward 2 (1 seat) (uncontested)
- Joseph LeDonne (R)

Pen Argyl Boro Council Ward 3 (1 seat)
- Dean Minnich (D)
- Josephine Hildabrant (R)

Pen Argyl Boro Council Ward 4 (1 seat) (uncontested)
- Roberta Cowley (D)

Plainfield Tp Supervisor (two seats) (uncontested)
- Steve Hurni (R)
- Jane Mellert (R)

Portland Boro Mayor (uncontested)
- Lance Prator (R)

Portland Boro Council (3 seats)
- Steve Knott (D)
- Yvonne Gumaer (R)
- Lisa Prator (R)

Roseto Boro Mayor (uncontested)
- Joseph Angelini (D)

Roseto Boro Council (4 seats) (uncontested)
- Nick Martino (D)
- Darlene Dunbar (R)
- Peter Scarfaro (R)
- Mark Goffredo (R)

Stockertown Boro Mayor (uncontested)
- Charles Davis 

Stockertown Borough Council (3 seats)
- Carl A Zito (D)
- Robin Davis (D)
- Rosemarie Wentzelberger (D)
- Eric Wentzelberger (D)

Tatamy Boro Mayor - no candidate

Tatamy Boro Council (3 seats)
- Joseph Rago (R)
- Kristine Porter (D)

Upper Mt Bethel Supervisor (2 seats)
- Larry Hallett (R)
- Robert Teel (R)
- Jerry Geake (R)
- Frederick Farleigh (R)
- Joe Battillo (R)
- Martin Pinter (R)

Blogger's Note: Battillo and Geake are the obvious choices for anyone with a brain.

Upper Nazareth Supervisor (2 seats) (6 year term) 
- Scott Sylvainus (R)
- Robert Disbrow (R)
- Christine Garipoli (R)

Upper Nazareth Supervisor (1 seat) (2 year term) 
- Brian Pulliam (R)

Walnutport Boro Mayor (uncontested)
- Wayne Weidner (D)

Walnutport Boro Council (4 seats, 4 years)
- William Turk (R)
- Aaron Kromer (R)
- Joan Rehrig (R)
- Patrice Hunsicker (R)
- Jennifer Wentz (D)

Walnutport Boro Council (2 seats, 2 years)
- Nancy A Treskot (R)

Washington Tp Supervisor (1 seat)
- David Renaldo (D)
- Stacy Diehl (R)

West Easton Boro Mayor (unopposed)
- Dan DePaul (D)

West Easton Boro Council (4 seats)
- Dan DePaul (D)
- Paul James (D)
- Matt Dees (D)
- Jeff Breidinger (D)
- Betty-Jo Bonners (D)
- Tom Nodoline (D)
- Desiree Lake (D)
- Tricia Mezzacappa (R)

Blogger's Note: Tricia Mezzacappa continues her Quixotic quest for  a seat on West Easton Borough Council 

Williams Tp Supervisor (1 seat)
- Nathaniel Bryant (D)
- Fred Mebus (R)

Wilson Boro Mayor (unopposed)
- Don Barrett

Wilson Boro Council Ward 1 (1 seat)
- Louis Starniri (R)
- John Burke IV (D)

Wilson Boro Council Ward 2 (2 seats) (unopposed)
- Leonard Feinberg (R)
- Jefferey Bracken (D)

Wilson Boro Council Ward 3 (1 seat)
- David Jones (D)
- Mary Ann Sofronie (R)

Blogger's Note: A tax increase in Wilson has people fired up. 

Wind Gap Boro Mayor and 4 Council seats
- no Mayoral candidate
- David Valley (R)
- David Hess (R)


Anonymous said...

Without a contested race in Bethlehem the county Dem's are toast. Their chances were slim top begin with and now they are none existent. I believe the Seth
Vaughn was right in his assessment.

Anonymous said...

The apathy continues in Nazareth. An admitted thief, [a felony conviction], wins a seat by default. Typical politics as usual in Nazareth!

Anonymous said...

No offense to 7:50, but how can you say "politics as usual in Nazareth" ? You should have put your name on the ballot and run yourself!

Anonymous said...

@3:11 am: In a year that Barak Obama or had Hillary Clinton won it would be hard to win with no contested races in the city. However, Barron has won with no contested races in a city. This comes down to motivation and right now the Dems are united and this election will be decided by independents who could very well be upset enough with the Republicans in Washington to take it out in the local elections.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans do not want any one on the ballot in Bethlehem or Easton because they think it will drive out the Democratic vote in those cities and it might cost Brown the County Exec job.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the Northampton County Dem Committee isn't doing its job.

Anonymous said...

Apathy is abundant everywhere, judging by the number of uncontested and candidate-less races. This is just a harbinger of things to come. Fewer and fewer people are getting into local government. For the Millennials, many are too young, it's too time consuming, and takes them away from self importance. For the Gen Xer's, they cannot be bothered by anything; "as long as taxes don't go up." That leaves Baby Boomers, and they're getting older by the day.

Anonymous said...

Mezz is going the distance bitches.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Are you going to see what's going on in Moore township? Saw your note

Anonymous said...

Baron had a contested judge race in the Fall. The judge candidates spent money and drove vote totals. Without that race I think Phillips would have won.

Anonymous said...

"The Republicans do not want any one on the ballot in Bethlehem or Easton ..."

What's the point? Lever-pulling sheep have cornered the market in these places. The odds of an R winning in either burgh are only slightly better than walking through Easton's West Ward without being shot or stabbed.

Anonymous said...

What's the point? Lever-pulling sheep have cornered the market in these places. The odds of a D winning in the burbs is only slightly better than walking through Hanover Township without being harangued by an angry Trumpeter.

Anonymous said...

After Brown and his tax happy Republicans disappointed me, I will not vote for them again. Won't get fooled again. If they were doing such a great job cutting costs, why did I get a 10% tax increase?

Anonymous said...

Wow....There is a Democrat in Lehigh Twp?

Anonymous said...

we need more candidates telling the truth, not just what they think we want to hear. someone with more then 1 year experience on the easton student council. we want someone with experience that has been there before.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am delighted to see new people step forward. As I said in my post, people like Sandra Vulcano are only in government for themselves, and even supplement their income by forcing other candidates to buy palm cards and pens. I'd prefer someone who is in government for the people.

Anonymous said...

Candidates that tell the truth rarely get elected.

Anonymous said...

"Wow....There is a Democrat in Lehigh Twp?"

They better lock the cap on their well head. The "fair gaming" that goes on there makes the scientologist look like amateurs.

C said...

1:48, it is very disheartening. Bernie would have a field day.

Anonymous said...

is there any way to see what experience or qualifications the county council candidates have?

Bernie O'Hare said...

They are all residents of the county and hence legally qualified. I will be doing stories about each of them over the coming months. I have written about most of them many times. Some I know little about,like Tara Zrinski and Bill McGee. I know Lori a little better, I will establish pages on my sidebar for the candidates in the general election and stories about them will be linked there. I will feature a blog debate among all the candidates in both county races, and in other areas that seem to be controversial. Though I have aPOV and refuse tohide it, my goal is to provide you with enough information to say I am full of shit, if that is your desire.

Anonymous said...

You are full of shit.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That may be, but that's the plan, and i have done this before.

Anonymous said...

i don't think someone on the student council with less then 2 years exp running for county council. it should be at least 5 years with council experience. some of these candidates don't even have full time job which to me is silly.

Anonymous said...

sorry to burst your bubble bernie, in typical immigrant fashion, not playing by the rules, Sandra Vulcano's opponent will be withdrawing from the race and returning to her terror cell.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Sandr Vulcano, This is yet another demonstration why you represent the worst in politics and government. If she is forced to withdraw, that's truly unfortunate bc she would have kicked your ass and you sound scared.