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Friday, March 17, 2017

Clear Sailing For Ann Marie Panella

Though Charles E Bellis III filed a nomination petition for Palmer Township Supervisor, he has chosen to allow a challenge (you can read it here) filed by prominent Easton Attorney Theresa Hogan to go unanswered.  He failed to appear for a hearing scheduled for yesterday. Hogan advised Judge Craig Dally that she had spoken to Bellis, who informed her he had decided against appearing.

Hogan called Voter Registrar Dee Rumnsey, who testified that Bellis failed to file an affidavit indicating that he is known as "Zeke," which is the name he wanted used on the ballot. She asked for an Order striking Bellis' nomination petition, and Judge Bellis will consider the matter and issue a ruling by Tuesday.

If Bellis's petition is stricken, Ann Marie Panella will have no opposition to her re-election as Supervisor.

She was also absent from yesterday's hearing. She currently works by helping to care for senior citizens.


Anonymous said...

Based on your recent stories about letting the people decide, I find this interesting. So what about this situation. Do the people get the choice or does the judge? Interesting in so many ways.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have no problem with this one because Bellis himself agreed not to contest the challenge. Had he done so, I would have a different attitude.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if it is Mother Theresa. This guy probably saw the handwriting on the wall. Going up against an ultimate insider with deep system connections, the guy no doubt realized he was toast.
This behavior is wrong. Don't care who it is or who they are related to or what wonderful people they are, this is nothing more than trying to rig the system in your favor and disenfranchising voter choice.

Call pure and total bullshit on this and most of the others.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hogwash. These anti establishment comments are just that...."HOGWASH". Election laws are there to protect all of us, especially from unscrupulous candidates who try to take advantage of the system. This decision will be based on existing law and has nothing to do with being well connected. Such Hogwash.

Anonymous said...

He should have contested. The purpose of filing the affidavit for name change is so that the Board of Elections can determine your voter registration information. From the face of his petitions, it was clear who he was. I am sure he did not sign the candidate's affidavit as Zeke.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He didn't contest. So your anonymous comments mean nothing. Had he contested, I think Hogan was willing to allow him to run, but just not with that nickname. That's what her pleading says, which you can read. I do not view this as insider anything. Anyone who knows Ann Marie knows she has a heart of gold who has dedicated a lifetime helping the less fortunate at the children's home and now, at an adult daycare.

I do know that Bellis' nickname is Zeke. Last night I found his grandfather's obituary, and he is referred to there as Zeke. So I think there was no attempt by anyone to deceive anyone, and that Zeke just decided against running. This gets him out without him having to file any more paperwork or pay any more fees. If I am wrong and he wanted to run, he could have explained his situation.

Anonymous said...

if you beat the man down he just said he heck with it..... not worth the aggravation.. so no one "won" the people LOST

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter one way or another. Ann Marie is re-elected. Emrick is next.

Anonymous said...

"she has a heart of gold"

Until you dare challenge her. She is a human politician. Stop the nonsense.