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Monday, March 20, 2017

Gracedale Capital Projects Paid From Operating Funds

Last week, Hayden Phillips' NorCo Capital Projects Committee met right after the Council's Personnel and Finance committees had concluded. Pretty much everyone had bolted. The only Council members there were John Cusick, Mat Benol and Matt Dietz. "This is interesting stuff," said Phillips. "Not enough people find it interesting, though. That's the problem."

Ordinarily, capital projects are funded with bond issues or lines of credit, which creates a debt service. But one change Executive John Brown has made as a result of Council's one mill tax hike in 2015 is to devote operating funds for capital projects at Gracedale, after building the stabilization fund.

"That mill of taxation that we approved is going into capital projects," said Phillips. "This is very cool stuff."

This is where operating funds are being spent on capital projects at Gracedale this year.

Steam line to Boiler house project ($300,000 budgeted). Public Works Director Stan Rugis reports $19,000 is encumbered to Falcon Engineering. He will have specs in 30 days. The steam line will be replaced before parking lot repairs.

Kitchen floor ($325,000 budgeted). - Bids came in too high. Under the procurement code, can speak to low bidder and have done so. Hopes to get it done in three months.

Nursing call station ($400,000 budgeted) - Working on it. A four to five month process.

Laundry compressors ($50,000 budgeted) - complete. .

Elevator upgrade ($200,000 budgeted) - Will start work on elevator #7 today. Will spend another $200,000 next year. That is just one elevator. Elevator #7 handles food service

Air handler units ($125,000 budgeted) - in process. .

Security cameras ($22,400 budgeted) - Identifying holes in security camera coverage.

Paved parking lot ($700,000 budgeted). - Not out to bid yet.

Curb and sidewalks ($35,000) - getting quotes.

Sewer riser, kitchen equipment. - complete.


Anonymous said...

And the expenditure beat goes on...and on...and on

Anonymous said...

That is actually not a hell of a lot of money. Not enough for a bond issue. Love how the Republican taxmen are trying to justify their double digit tax increase. Sorry Hayden, you are just not Taxed Enough Already. Are you?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a money pit to me....time to sell !

Anonymous said...

rid the citizens of this bottomless pit of a money drain and the unions it supports

Anonymous said...

Screw the sick elderly and the physically disabled. Let the private sector find them a home somewhere. Who the Hell cares if family can't visit them fifty miles away.

Anonymous said...

You people who keep saying to get rid of Gracedale I guess you never had a relative who needed care and did not have money to go to a private home. I had a few relatives and friends who had family there a received top quality care.I hope you or any one in your family never needs care and have no where to go.

Anonymous said...

Wow you do realize that most of gracedale's residents would not be accepted into a private sector nursing home

Bernie O'Hare said...

5:14, 5:22, I would pay little attention to someone who does not ID himself.

Anonymous said...

Actually, anon 5:22 makes a very valid and accurate statement. People know you are with the dump Gracedale crowd, so why would they ID themselves to be harassed?

Anonymous said...

How come as long as people agree with you it's not a big deal they are anonymous but say something you don't agree with you tell others to pay little attention to them.You are so one sided and will not listen to other suggestions or comments if different than yours.Hopefully you dad left you a lot of money so you can go to a private home.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Listen you sicko, this post was about capital projects at Gracedale. There was no editorializing and the person I criticized for not Identifying himself wants to get rid of it. You have a lot of hate and anger.