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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bethlehem Township Adopts Medical Pot Ordinance

Pennsylvania is one of 28 states, along with the District of Columbia, that has legalized medicinal pot. Before the law is implemented next year, municipalities throughout the state are revising their zoning ordinances to designate exactly where marijuana facilities will be permitted. Bethlehem Township adopted its rules at its March 20 Commissioners' meeting, with no discussion from any one. The vote was 4-0.

Under Pennsylvania's medical marijuana law, doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis for 17 different ailments. Northampton and Lehigh County will be limited to one dispensary each, and the pot will be in the form of pills, oil, topical or a liquid that can be vaporized.

Bethlehem Township's ordinance provides for four specific marijuana uses: grower/processor facility (indoor growing and manufacturing building no more than 20,000 sq ft); medical marijuana delivery vehicle office;dispensary (n more than 5,000 sq ft, with indoor garage delivery); and academic clinical research center (must be at an accredited medical school with an acute care hospital). All uses must be secure.

All medical marijuana facilities must be at least 1000' from any school, nursery or day-care center.

Dispensaries are the most heavily regulated use. They can only be open between 8 am and 8 pm. No drive-throughs, outdoor seating or vending machines or deliveries are allowed. The facilities are permitted by conditional use in industrial, general commercial and hospital zones.

Pennsylvania's Department of Health was expecting at least 900 applications to participate in its medical marijuana program by March 20.    

In other business, Commissioners authorized Manager Melissa Shafer to explore the cost of a municipal survey that would poll residents on different topics, including participation in Bethlehem Area Public Library. They authorized four officers to attend training sessions on traffic safety and narcotics  They also approved annual payments to two township youth athletic associations and the Miracle League,which offers a baseball experience to differently-abled children.

Commissioner Pat Breslin was absent.


Anonymous said...

Far out, man...

Anonymous said...

Breslin out selling ad space again? Sitting out in his car getting high? Applying for a position on the trump team? A complete asshole?

Anonymous said...

What's his rag calles?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we will see much of Mr. Breslin throughout the remainder of his term. He's proving, even more so, that the residents who voted for him, made an "oopsie".

Anonymous said...

Legal pot, but only in the most dangerous forms.

Looks like the heroin dealers will still be selling regular weed...they must have a really persuasive lobby.