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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Here Come the Judges

Six magisterial positions are up this election cycle, and only one is uncontested.

Magisterial District 03-2-12 (City of Easton Wards 7 and 8; Wilson Borough; West Easton Borough) (uncontested)
- Ricahrd Yetter (D) and (R)

Magisterial District 03-3-03 (Slate Belt)
- Cody Hendershot (D) and (R)
- Tony Lupo (D) and (R)
- Jason Labar (D) and (R)
- Ty Comunale (D) and (R)
- Heather Fehnel (D) and (R)
- Alicia Zito (D) and (R)
- Dominic Marraccini (R)

Magisterial District 03-3-02 (Bushkill Township; Moore Township- Phillips; Eastern Dists.; Plainfield Township- Belefast, Kesslersville and Chapman Borough; Wind Gap Borough - Plainfield Church Dists.)
- Doug Schlegel (D) and (R)
- Dave Jordan (D) and (R)
- Michael Ondilla (D) and (R)

Magisterial District 03-2-11 (City of Bethlehem Wards 5,15,16 and 17; Freemansburg Borough)
- Nick Englesson (D) and (R)
- Jon Whittington (D) and (R)
- Will Power (D) and (R)
- Fred Lahovski (D)

Magisterial District District 03-2-04 (Hellertown and Lower Saucon Tp)
- Alan Mege (D) and (R)
- Bob Mateff (D) and(R)
- James Hill (D) and (R)
- David Repyneck (D) and (R)

Magisterial District 03-1-04 (Bethlehem Ward 14 and Hanover Tp)
- Vivian Zumas (D) and (R)
- Paul Schaffer (D) and (R)
- Michael Recchiuti (D) and (R)
- Raymond Lynn (D) and (R)


Anonymous said...

The Will Power????

Bernie O'Hare said...

The one and only.

Anonymous said...

aka Darren Stofko...aka the brother of State Senator Lisa Boscola

Bernie O'Hare said...

I did not take pics of candidates without their consent over the past two days. I figured I owed them that courtesy since they may not have felt presentable. And that turned out to be right and for that reason, excepting Will Power. He did not want to be photographed bc of disdain for this blog or me or both. Some of you will conclude that he must therefore have sound judgment and vote for him.

Anonymous said...

So is his name Darren Stofko or Will Power? This is the brother of State Senator Boscola?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, he legally had his name changed.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is if elected, Will Power will grant a full judicial pardon to his pal Jim Gregory.

Anonymous said...

Will Power? Really?

What next... Hugh Janus?!

Anonymous said...

Will Power couldn't even win a race
if it was for "best looking" at a leper colony.