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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Paul Weiss, Mike Hudak, File For Bethlehem Township Comm'r

Paul Weiss, who was narrowly defeated in the fourth ward of Bethlehem Township four years ago, is back. He filed his nomination petition yesterday for Commissioner. Paul is facing stiff competition from John Merhottein, a Marine who served his country during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Both attend meetings regularly and have a grip on township issues.

Mike Hudak, a veteran of Bethlehem Township like his father before him, also filed his nomination petition for re-election as Commissioner in the second ward yesterday. He is currently the President of the Board, and has done an excellent job chairing meetings. At this juncture, he may be unopposed, but he never even asked when he filed his paperwork. We'll know for sure tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hudak is a legend in his own mind.
Weiss is the undead. Someone please drive a stake through his political heart.

Anonymous said...

Weiss is staunchly pro-development (look where that has gotten the township) and is coming with lots of baggage and an ax to grind.

I think its time to move on. Voting for retreads is unwise.