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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

NorCo Council Race Begins to Take Shape

Pete Melan and Ron Angle are from the opposite sides of the aisle,
but hit it off right away. 
In Northampton County, five at-large County Council seats are up for election this year. These are county-wide races.Petitions must be in today. When I left the elections office at around 4 pm today, the following candidates had filed:

Republicans:  Ron Angle, Peg Ferraro, Hayden Phillips and Glenn Geissinger. (Seth Vaughn is expected to file, and may have done so)

Democrats: Pete Melan, Ron Heckman, Bill McGee and Tara Zrinski. (Lori Vargo Heffner is expected to file and may have done so.)

The newcomers in this race are McGee, a union agent, and Zrinski, who describes herself as an "[e]ducator, artist, writer and environmental advocate as well as a mother of three boys." I hope to tell you more about these candidates in the days to come.

Who the Hell is Tara Zrinski? A candidate with 647 signatures, that's who!

Ron Heckman just missed when he ran four years ago. 


Anonymous said...

Ron Angle - let's make Northampton County great again!

Anonymous said...

Another union activist? Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Fire the incumbents!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Go Ron!

george schaller said...

I hope he will be slicing his attack shitflys upon his apponants. I will be looking forward to see pics of them landing upon there faces.
REpublican redd
humanist by design

Anonymous said...

Ron Heckman should have run for Executive

Anonymous said...

It would appear obvious that Angle is trying to cozy up to Pete for the Lebanese vote, that's how he operates. What is Pete thinking. Does he really want to be hooked up with Ron Angle? Hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

This is all so silly. The Republicans will sweep like they did four year sago. The democrats did not even come close. If I am not mistaken the Republican slate won by over a thousand votes. No one wants liberal dems in county government.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Then you have nothing to worry about. Except that your facts are wrong. Way wrong.

Anonymous said...

That Heffner woman has pretty much already coronated herself. Love the hubris of some of these people.