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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NorCo Exec Race: McClure Challenges Brown to Eight Debates

John Brown
Both Lamont McClure and John Brown are running unopposed for their party's nomination in the NorCo Exec race. There are no contested Council races, either. This means the primary will be a snoozer. Great new for the candidates.Bad news for the people, who already get next to no county news from our dying dailies. With that in mind, McClure has proposed a series of debates. Here's a copy of an email he sent to Brown yesterday.

Dear Mr. Brown,

In this obvious time of political turmoil, I believe that we owe it the Citizens of Northampton County to take our individual cases for election to them directly. The time honored way to do that is through debate.

Lamont McClure
I have a simple proposition. Let's debate once per month leading up to Election Day. (I'm sure we will have no difficultly finding sponsors.)

With 8 debates, the public can become well and truly informed as to whether my plan to Protect, Preserve and Prosper or your notion of using corporation tactics of seeking efficiencies through finding synergies is the best way of moving us forward.

Please let me hear from you on this proposal as April is nearly upon us and we should begin debating as soon as possible.


Lamont G. McClure


Anonymous said...

Really!! This comes off as nothing more than a publicity stunt by Mr. McClure. Mr.Brown will no doubt not take the bait.

Anonymous said...

@4:28 am No stunt here. You have an administration that does not know what it is doing and is not accountable to the public. McClure wants to cast a light on that. It is a loose loose for Brown. If he agrees he's exposed a a know nothing empty suit. If he does not respond he is reinforces the label of a closed door unaccountable elected official.

Anonymous said...

You got to be friggen kidding. John Brown is sneaky in a lot of ways and possibly the worse Executive we ever had, but he doesn't have a political I.Q. of 20. You will see one, maybe two debates, and no more. McClure will have to get his press by buying it through press releases and earning it by action not innuendo.

Anonymous said...

looks like Brown is afraid to debate. Guess the people don't need to know what he does not know

Anonymous said...

Brown should agree to all eight. Given Lamont's atrocious attendance record, he'll only show up for one or two.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:33 LOL

Anonymous said...

What debate? Brown sux always has, always will. End of debate.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brown won't do this unless he is given the questions in advance. That way someone can prepare the answers.