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Friday, March 17, 2017

Morganelli Continues to Professionalize DA's Staff

NorCo DA John Morganelli is something of an enigma. When he first became DA, he had 13 part-time assistant DAs on his staff. Now these are political plums he could hand out to lawyers who could help him get elected to other offices. But instead of engaging in political patronage, he embarked on a quest to professionalize his staff. He did not fire his part-time assistants. But as they've retired, he has gradually been replacing them with career prosecutors.

Last night, he asked Council to approve the elimination of two part-time assistant DA positions so he could create two full-time positions He said he could find the money for this within the approved budget for his office.

If Council said yes, he'd be left with just four part-time DAs.

He has lost a top prosecutor to the US Attorney's office, while another has been battling a serious illness. Two others have been recruited by the FBI. "It sort of felt like the Titanic, down there in the DA's office," he joked. At the time he first made his request, his office was in trial on three different homicide matters simultaneously. All resulted in first degree murder convictions a=with a life sentence. Since that time, there have been three homicides in Palmer Township alone,as well as a rash of cellphone store robberies.

"We're really, really pressed for experienced folks," he told Council. He said adding experienced prosecutors "will enhance our office. I think we do a good job of prosecuting serious crime in this county,and with your help, we'd like to continue to do that."

With no discussion, Council unanimously approved Morganelli's request.. .


Anonymous said...

In reality full time employees cost much, much more over the rest of their lives than part-time employees. You can dress up the reasons all you want but that is just math. What has happened to our conservative county council. First a double digit tax increase and now just approving huge cost increases in personnel without a peep or even a question.

What a bunch of bullshitters.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Your nonsensical rant reveals no real knowledge of crime and its cost. An experienced prosecutor will save millions in trying a complicated case that a novice will lose after wasting precious taxpayer dollars in soft costs for trials that are longer than they need to be and in lengthy appeals.In addition, crime will increase, adding a major cost to society. Council had no questions because this is the right thing to do. You can root for the bad guys, as usual.

george schaller said...
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Bernie O'Hare said...

George, No more gibberish. It's not fair to me or my readers.

george schaller said...
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