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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Give LV's Favorite Son, Emil Giordano, a Vote in Superior Court Race

The Express Times recently conducted an online poll on which boys' basketball player you'd want to see on the court in the 4th quarter. So naturally, I voted for my grandson and Jay Vaughan, who play together at Allentown Central Catholic. It was actually kind of funny because the top vote getters ended up being kids from schools that receive little attention instead of the powerhouses. The poll was just for fun.

Well, there's another poll going on right now that's just for fun. But this one is a PoliticsPA poll asking you which candidate will be the top vote getter in the GOP race for Superior Court. One of those candidates is the Lehigh Valley's very own Judge Emil Giordano. Because I'm a Democrat, I already voted for him 100 times. Our appellate courts need to include more people who are from outside Pittsburgh and Philly. I have nothing against those jurists, but would prefer to see different areas of the state better represented.

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