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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Who's Running in NorCo So Far?

Next Tuesday (March 7) is the last day on which nomination petitions may be circulated and filed for major party candidates. Here's a list of who has filed in Northampton County for various local offices, except elections inspectors, elections judges and tax collectors:

County Executive
- Lamont McClure (D)

Bethlehem Mayor

- Bob Donchez (D)

Easton City Council District I - Roger Ruggles (D)

Easton City Council District III - Sandra Vulcano (D)

Allen Tp Supervisor (2 seats)
- Al Pierce (D)
- Gerald Montanari (R)

Bangor Boro Council Ward 3 - Jane Groman (4 yrs)

Bangor Boro Council Ward 3 - Robert Engle (2 yrs)

Bath Boro Mayor - Fiorella Mirabito (R)

Bath Boro Council (3 seats)
- Carol Bear Heckman (D)

Bushkill Tp Supervisor (2 seats)
- Julianne Bender (R)
- Carolyn Hill (R)

East Allen Tp Supervisor (2 seats)
- Joy Hemming (R)

East Bangor Boro Council (4 seats)
- Clifford James (D)
- Susan Ruggiero (R)

Freemansburg Mayor
- Gerald C Yob (D)
- Donald Lasso (D)

Hanover Tp Supervisor - John Nagle

Hellertown Boro Mayor - David Heintzelman (D)

Hellertown Boro Council (4 seats)
-Thomas Rieger (D)

Lower Nazareth Supervisor (2 seats)
-Gerald Green (D)

Moore Tp Supervisor (1 seat)
- Randolph Emery (D)
- Randy Silfies (R)
- David Shaffer (R)

Nazareth Boro Mayor - Lance Colondo (D)

Nazareth Borough Council Ward 3 - Charles Donello (D)

Northampton Mayor
- John Yurish (D)
- Thomas Reenock (D)

Northampton Boro Council Ward 2 - Tony Pristash (R)

North Cata Boro Council - Peter Paone (R)

Pen Argyl Boro Mayor - Brian Gold (D)

Pen Argyl Boro Council Ward 2 - Josephh LeDonne (R)

Pen Argyl Boro Council Ward 3 - Dean Minnich (D)

Plainfield Tp Supervisor (two seats)
- Steve Hurni (R)

Portland Boro Mayor - Lance Prator (R)

Portland Boro Council (3 seats)
- Steve Knott (D)
- Yvonne Gumaer (R)

Roseto Boro Mayor Joseph Angelini (D)

Roseto Boro Council (4 seats)
- Nick Martino (D)

Stockertown Borough Council (3 seats)
- Carol A Zito (D)

Tatamy Boro Council (3 seats)
- Joseph Rago (R)

Upper Mt Bethel Supervisor (2 seats)
- Larry Hallett (R)
- Robert Teel (R)
- Jerry Geake (R)

Walnutport Boro Mayor - Wayne Weidner (D)

Walnutport Boro Council (4 seats, 4 years)
- William Turk (R)
- Patrice Hunsicker (R)

Walnutport Boro Council (2 seats, 2 years)
- Nancy A Treskot (R)

West Easton Boro Mayor - Dan DePaul (D)

West Easton Boro Council (4 seats)
- Dan DePaul (D)
- Paul James (D)
- Matt Dees (D)
- Jeff Breidinger (D)

Wilson Borough Council Ward 1 - Louis Starniri (R)

Wilson Boro Council Ward 2 (2 seats) - Lewonard Feinberg (R)

Wind Gap Boro Council (4 seats)
- David Valley (R)

Magisterial District 03-2-12 (City of Easton Wards 7 and8; Wilson Borough; West Easton Borough) - Ricahrd Yetter (D) and (R)

Magisterial District 03-3-03 (Slate Belt)
- Cody Hendershot (D) and (R)

Bangor Area School Director (at-large) - Kenneth Brewer (D) and (R)

Bethlehem Area School Director (at large) (3 seats)
- Mike Faccinetto (D) and (R)
- Shannon Patrick (D) and (R)

Easton School Director Region I - Brian Snyder (D) and (R)

Easton School Director Region III (2 seats)
- George Chando (D) and (R)
- Meg Sayago (D) and (R)

Nazareth School Director - Region II (2 seats)
- Darrell Crook (D) and (R)
- Melissa Kalinoski (D) and (R)

Northampton School Director Region I
- Roy Maranki (D) and (R)

Northampton School Director Region II (2 seats)
- Charles Frantz, Jr. (D) and (R)

Pen Argyl School Director Region I (two years)
- Lisa Hackman (D)

Pen Argyl School Director Region I (four years)
- Lisa Hackman (D)

Pen Argyl School Director Region II
- Robert Rutt (D) and (R)


Dandy Lion said...

Matt Dees-grace has worn out his welcome on the dais of West Easton, he should stick to piloting the short bus and domain squating.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Matt Dees is an exceptional example of good government, in stark contrast to you. He defeated you once and will Do so again. Oink away.

Anonymous said...

Is that a Heckman running in Bath? What is up with that?

Rock'n Newell said...

Where is my favorite candidate? Isn't that poor young woman in West Easton going to run for Mayer and Council? She understands me.

Anonymous said...

It is Shannon Patrick for Bethlehem Area School Board

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What is with the 5:29 comment? Some people are just aholes.

Anonymous said...

who is running for Northampton County council?

Bernie O'Hare said...

No petitions have been filed at this point. I have posted numerous stories about who is running. When the petitions are filed next week, I will have another story.

Anonymous said...

Did Roger Ruggles switch parties? I thought he was a lone Republican in Easton.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He switched some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that Benol is resigning?

Bernie O'Hare said...

He is not seeking reelection and that is something I reported to hear about two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Was Benol pushed out to make way for Angle?

Anonymous said...

Nothing from Hudak in BT?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for a heated race in Chapman this year.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Nothing from Hudak in BT?"

If there was, it would have been posted with the others. I am sure he has his signatures. This is just an indication of who has filed so far.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Was Benol pushed out to make way for Angle?"

Had Mat decided he wanted to run, my guess is that the party would have endorsed him. He has been a loyal John Brown soldier. His decision not to run is his own. Only Matt Munsey tries to tell people not to run.