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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Ray Lahoud's Immigration Practice Featured on NBC News

As anyone who knows him will tell you, Ray Lahoud is one of Northampton County's finest and a proud product of Easton Lebanse heritage. His mom was widowed at an early age, so Ray technically had no father. In truth, he had hundreds in that close knit community. Ray distinguished himself at Lehigh and Georgetown Law School, where he excelled academically. This is a guy whose career path was Wall Street, just as it was for Judge Koury before him. Judge Koury returned to the community, and Lahoud never left.

Ray now practices immigration law at Baurkot and Baurkot.

A day in his life was recently featured on NBC News. John Morganelli did a cameo.

His sister Victoria is pretty famous, too. Her "toum," otherwise known as Lebanese garlic sauce, has been picked up by Whole Foods.


Regal Eagle said...

Barbarians at the gates and we have middle easterners advocating for their unchecked entry time for the new rollout of "extreme vetting" DJT.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Maybe you can pick up a few ovens while you're at it.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Ray is an extraordinary man at an unusually sophisticated legal firm.

Anonymous said...

I first met Ray as opposing counsel in a lawsuit. He was a gentleman and a pleasure to work with. Ray is a class act and deserves this recognition. - Paul Schaffer, Esquire