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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ron Angle Appointed to Bangor School Board

Lock up your women and whiskey! Last night, Bangor's School Board voted 5-3 to appoint the NorCo Bulldog, Ron Angle, to a vacancy on the nine-member board. Angle will only serve until December, when a newly elected school director is installed.

With the looming resignation of Superintendent Frank DeFelice, there's a leadership vacuum. There is no assistant Superintendent, and the Business Manager just went on extensive medical leave for an illness. His assistant is about to embark on a 12-day vacation.

DeFelice apparently intends to clone himself.

I have told you before that something is wrong - seriously wrong - with anyone who wants to be a school director. The job pays nothing, and no matter what you do, you make enemies among teachers, parents, staff or all of them.

Bob Cartwright tells me what makes the experience worth it to him is going to a graduation or school event and seeing the fruit of your labor. .

Angle was a school board director for 12 years. He was its President. He also has served as an interim school director. Now you know why he is insane.

But he started a great tradition there many years ago. Coffee, cookies and doughnuts are made available before every meeting. "If you want people to come, give them a cup of coffee and a doughnut and they'll feel more comfortable," Ron explained.

Before anyone could change their mind, Angle was sworn in by Magisterial District Judge Alicia Zito. The oath she administered was much shorter than the 20-minute loyalty oath demanded by Sherwood Grigg when Angle was named an interim director a few years ago.


Former Tenant Rob said...

I already hated Ron "Socks" Angle but knowing he drinks Fiji water makes me want to take a bio solid on his lawn even more.

Anonymous said...

The guy does make people think

Anonymous said...

The Fiji water bottle is in front of the tubby guy not Socks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ron asked me to make clear that the Fiji bottle is not his. He does not drink water. Fish puss in it, he tells me.

Anonymous said...

Who's big belly is that in the picture? Fat ass Cartright's? Needs to go on a diet.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The gentleman is Steve Bussenger. you obviously have not seen Cartwright for some time. He now has the chiseled physique of a Greek god and is being begged to open a personal training business.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the three brave souls who opposed this election year stunt. I am sure they will be put on the list to eschewer.

Anonymous said...

The three no votes are no doubt good old boy cronies. Just what my school board needs is another teacher with his brother being a principal and the lead football coach on the school. A set up of a future hot mess at Bangor when the football gig goes as well as it did the last time and how do you rid yourself of that when his brother is sitting on the board?
I wonder if Bangor has Banjo's playing in the background during its interview process because you cannot get a job there unless your related.
Our Bangor School System has become a moral cesspool out there. ethics? values? morals? "tradition never graduates" is the motto? How about a new one? We have graduated and become responsible, moral, upstanding, adults? Lets try that for a change-

Anonymous said...

Mr. Angle: Come help make Northampton County great again.

Anonymous said...

Good point anon 1:31. Ron Angle is very much like a local version of President Trump, they share many common traits. I am sure he will make Northampton County great again in the same way Trump is making America great again.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, will he have his trained attack shit fly's land on the face's of those school board officers that we can all see who's who as votes are cast?