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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Palmer Police Seek Leads in Fatal Shooting

Michael Davis
Palmer Township Police are looking for leads in the fatal shooting of Michael Davis, age 25, outside his home on the 2800 block of Eldridge Avenue, on Monday night at about 8:30 pm. Davis was shot once in the face. He was pronounced dead at Easton Hospital at 9 pm. Coroner Zachary Lysek has ruled that Davis' death is a homicide.

"I will tell you at the outset that there's not a lot of information that we have," said District Attorney John Morganelli. He called a news conference on Wednesday, which was attended by police officers and Lysek. Anyone with information is asked to call Palmer Township Police at 610-253-5844, ext. 1211.

Detective Timothy Ruoff stated that, after being dispatched to Davis' home, they found him lying in the front yard, with a single gunshot wound to the face. Subsequent investigation revealed that Davis had been working at Verizon in Forks Township until around 8 pm that evening, was shot while exiting from his Lexus and stumbled into the front yard, where he collapsed.

Residents in the area saw two individuals with dark clothing at the time of the shooting. They were crouched around two neighborhood vehicles parked in front of Davis' Lexus. They were seen fleeing towards Fisher Avenue after the shooting. Police are unaware if there was an escape vehicle in the vicinity.

Davis (center) with "Brotein Pac"
Both individuals were described as being about 6' tall and under 200 lbs. One was wearing a puffed rib jacket and shiny black coat. he was carrying what appeared to be a duffel bag. The second assailant was wearing a dark hoodie with a grey knit cap.

Davis lived with his parents and a sister, and they have asked for some privacy.

In an attempt to gain more information, investigators searched Davis' home and will be looking through his computer and phone to see who he was interacting with prior to his death.

"It appears to us that this individual was targeted," said Morganelli. "It does not appear to be some random act." He believes that two individuals were lying in wait for Davis to arrive, and ambushed him. He cautioned the public to remain "vigilant" and report any suspicious activity to police. He added that, since there was more than one actor, it is likely that one or both will be talking about it.

Here's my question. Who the hell lies in wait with a duffel bag?

It appears so far that only one shot was fired. It is unknown whether both assailants were armed.

Detective Ruoff stated the car has been impounded for a search by forensic experts.

Davis works five days a week, and three of those days are until 8 pm. Detective Ruoff agreed that it's possible someone may have been aware of his work schedule.

Davis' Facebook page reveals that he was a member of the National Honor Society. He also was involved in professional wrestling with UWA Elite, where he went by the name Dynamike Davis and was part of the Brotein Pac.


Anonymous said...

my condolences to all the family's struct by things like this!
This is one of the many many modern social ill's facing this great nation of the USA today! There are common denomonators to them all, it is a multifaceted equasion and many denomonators that only very few that are even qualified to address, most of them don't have a college degree because it is a life's experiance and I for one allways hated those that make claims to have knowledge from a book and tell me the cure? These types are to phylosifickeled and well written as well as using there verbZ with little personal action attached.
Someone anyone take a stand for these terrorist attacks upon the innocent indigent that the nue terroriZm is design upon!!!
REpublican redd
humanist by design:(

Anonymous said...

I will qoute the local political parasites and there nue snakoilsales people, "It is percieved notion of crime" that is an issue?
Yes and while I am here putting to print the snakeoil class, didn't this ienelli guy work with the fleckster at the now defunct Kennedy Haldaman Trucks on thilman street in Allentown pa too! The truck that sells itself like the Honda line when introduced.
REpublican redd
humanist by design