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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Constable cRaZy Mars West Easton Traffic Signs for Trump

Tricia "Constable cRaZy" Mezzacappa is an avid Donald Trump supporter, has been planting campaign signs for him throughout West Easton. But she has reportedly gone a little too far. In addition to the signs you might expect to see along roadways, she has been attaching them to road traffic signs.

West Easton has no local police department, and state police ordinarily do not enforce local ordinances. But Pennsylvania State Police decided, as a matter of public safety, to track down Constable cRaZy and ask her to remove the signs.

Good luck with that!


Anonymous said...

I heard she still will be the constable in charge at her poll. She won't be armed but she can still do it, I would guess.

Bernie O'Hare said...

She is the constable and actually has to be there. I had heard she was refusing to do her statutory duty bc the county told her she must be unarmed.

JoAnn Kennedy said...

All political signs will have to be removed after the election, the removal of political signs within 48 hours after an election is ... citizens by both the federal and our Commonwealth's constitutions And I for one, am so glad this is almost over --

C said...

You were right to litigate against her years ago. She has few boundaries and demonstrates a lack of human decency in her actions. I once had compassion for her. That ship has sailed.

Anonymous said...

She has also notified the state police and court that she is now going to make on view arrests and file citations there.

She has been trolling other constables and Judges begging for court work as well.