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Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day!

There are 939,000 veterans in Pennsylvania, and nearly 700,000 of them served while we were at war. About 57,000 are WWII vets.

I was in the Army Reserves during the Persian Gulf war. I volunteered to go over, but was rejected after a very nice going-away party. My Sergeant Major told me at the time that they were keeping me as a secret weapon, but I think I was too old. My absence from that conflagration explains why we won so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all my fellow vets.

Cmsgt USAF(ret)

Anonymous said...

Thanx, and a very shout to the soldiors that have given there lives for this great nation!!!!
REpublican redd
Seeing eye dog for a freind as well as brother no time for a circus carnival

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks, but save your appreciation for the real veterans. I was never in harm's way and was actually a shitty soldier.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Bernie,
Thank you for a weekend of sielence, as for the great debt of gratitude to all war heroes living and past, there families also have caaried out there destiny of greatness, THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!!
Judging from that look in Sadie's eyes standing next to the cement pond I would pander to guess that she has a story to tell of the tomb of the unknown soiliers and the faded names upon many a nations statues and obtainable subterainian headstones that have been and are still in progress of becomming developable parcels?
REpublican redd
Don't have to follow the rules of discovery in any circus or carnival venue?

Anonymous said...

Bangor Veterans Day ceremony was missing someone. His name was on the program. It was anticipated he would be there and speak. Who was it that did not show up? Joe Emrick. Need I say more?