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Monday, November 28, 2016

The PC Police in Nazareth

A Nazareth Borough Police Department Facebook post, since deleted, has caused quite a stir in Northampton County officialdom. Commissioner Randy Miller, who must be dumping Nazareth for the PC police, told The Express Times that the page is not really the "official" Facebook page, though it is, as evidenced by his ability to have the message removed.  He made clear that he in no way endorses its dangerous message, and told The Morning Call it was the handiwork of a "rogue"cop. DA John Morganelli worries that the advisory encourages vigilantes to take the law into their own hands, though it in fact does the opposite.

Before I go further, let me share the portion of the now-deleted message found to be so offensive.
"We ask and encourage those of you who are responsible and educated enough to exercise your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Providing you can and are legally able to possess a firearm and that you follow the Pennsylvania laws and local ordinances when doing so ... If when ever possible CALL 911 FIRST, if you believe you see someone or something suspicious. Do not engage and use Extreme Caution!"
This post is a reaction to a homicide and carjacking in nearby Palmer Township. A week ago, Palmer Township resident Michael Davis was ambushed and shot in the face by two unknown assailants upon his return home from work at Verizon. The following night, Michael DeRose, who works at the very same Verizon as Davis, was ambushed as well and forced into the back of his car. He was able to escape.

These incidents appear to be related.

My only concern with this Facebook post is whether it was cleared with Palmer Tp investigators. They are tasked with the heavy responsibility of solving this murder and carjacking. I can see no reason why they'd object to a story that informs and educates the public  That was the whole point of last week's news conference. They are seeking the public's help. Still, I'd ask them first since things can change fast and this is their case.

Other than that, there is nothing improper about the post. It at no time calls on anyone to be a cowboy. It specifically urges readers to "CALL 911 FIRST" and "[d]o not engage." It also states that its message only applies to persons who will follow the law.

If you are going to complain about people arming themselves, why does the concealed carry law exist at all? Why do we even have a Second Amendment?

Let me be clear. Most of my readers know that I support tighter gun laws. I believe that people who have exhibited violent tendencies, or who have fantasized about shooting people, should be denied gun permits. I also think a person who has a gun permit should be required to take periodic gun safety courses so he does not accidentally shoot himself. I also think they should be strongly encouraged to practice ...on a range. Because I'm a klutz, I'd never carry. But the right exists and should exist.  This is far from vigilantism. It is the Constitution.

The Constitution trumps officials who worry about being politically correct. This may have served Randy Miller well over the years, at least until he came to Nazareth. Now, in addition to throwing a Nazareth police officer under the bus, he has misled the press about the Facebook page, claiming it is not a sanctioned page.

This statement is completely untrue.

The page was first established in 2009, by Michael Sinclair, when he was police chief. After he left, entries were made by Officer Peter Dewey. He left for Bushkill Township, and full-time officers with Nazareth police continued to update the page from time to time. In fact, it includes several stories featuring Miller himself.

If Miller is unfamiliar with Facebook, as he claims, he really needs to learn. It's actually a great investigative tool and is relied on by most police departments.

If Miller really wants to be politically correct, perhaps he should confront the racism that exists on Nazareth Borough Council. But they might not renew his contract.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand, but then I don't find anything offensive about the deleted message. I think it is good solid advice. I am carrying more than I ever did. My wife and I were harassed in a movie theater and then followed outside by a young bunch of hoods while other moviegoers stood idly by. Another time we were harassed by an unknown driver who thought we should be driving faster and he yelled obscenities at us. Needless to say, I now carry a phone and a gun for my protection. Phone first (if possible) and defend myself with a gun if necessary.

Anonymous said...

miller used to be a good cop. It seems now he has chosen the oldest profession.

Anonymous said...

Once again Commissioner Miller is lying or has early dementia. When he was a patrol officer with Bethlehem P.D. and attach to the Lehigh County District Attorney's Insurance Fraud/Stolen Vehicle task force, the very computer literate police officer was the smartest computer geek of them all. In fact, because of this prowess, he made a name for himself in the D.A.'s office. But now, as he is playing second fiddle to a corrupt political process in Nazareth Borough; he is now in the back pockets of these infidels.

Anonymous said...

"What Crowns you will Crucify you" Poor "Barney Fife-dom" Miller. The "commish" has the stench of smooshed dog turd in the DA Office and any Law Enforcement Agency. Another lie exposed and him shown for the lying turd he is. Nazereth Council will dump him like a bad meal.

He should apply to be the next security guard a dorney park...... when those that he has licked the boots to get the low laying job he has are done with him, that's all he will be worth.

Randy -you have No Integrity and are a Liar proven again. Do you realize even DA Morganelli cant stomach you and is fully aware of your lack of creditability integrity and a known liar?

Anonymous said...

Racism in Nazareth? Prove it!

Anonymous said...

In general, I have mixed feelings about a member of law enforcement posting/sharing politically charged or divisive posts on a social media, private or otherwise. Posting or sharing provacative memes on a regular basis or provacative statements seemingly illustrates a negative bias against a minority group or political affiliation. I often wonder if such a opinionated official would treat a person differently during a traffic stop based on their appearance or the bumper stickers they have on a vehicle. Such social media posting seems to present a tremendous liability for a govt body that employees the official. In a civil rights complaint, a plaintiff's attorney could seek the social media posts of an officer accused to illustrate a premeditated bias. Where are the lines of free speech, political correctness, and unbiased policing? What type of posts cross that line?

Anonymous said...

telling folks to be alert and all that is fine.
leading with a call for "responsible" people to carry and all the NRA derp is not a wise action.
the DA would want to avoid having to deal with one of the less responsible folks blowing away someone over a parking scuffle.
the DA however in this case has a different view for someone charged with playing cowboy.
for example frey at the gun club-- the DA withdrew the felony charge and kept the misdemeanors.
so at the end of the day the "responsible" bump firing dude gets to keep his weapons.
that way the DA gets to avoid the NRA flying monkey squads from making noise around election time.
so the DA is saying one thing (discourage gun carry) yet acting differently when you have an charged cowboy.

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

8:12, the whole point here is that there should be nothing tgat is politically charged or divisive in telling people they should exercise their constitutional rights. That includes the second amendment. It did nit take a political position. It did not advocate that people walk around with bazookas or that they arm themselves without regard to the law. It was responsible. I believe in tighter gun laws myself, but there was nothing offensive in that post.

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:59, it has been proved multiple times, including today. A council member refers to the road crew as Mexicans, confederate flag flies from a home on Main, there is a sworn affidavit by a former parking enforcement officer that a cop made repeated disparaging remarks about blacks, there is evidence that they Were referred to by someone police as UNB or UNT.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" Another lie exposed and him shown for the lying turd he is. Nazereth Council will dump him like a bad meal."

Nazareth council will never dump Miller so long as the good ol' boys are in control. Miller's claim that the Facebook page is unofficial is untrue. But I have NOT called him a liar. It was established as the official Facebook page for Nazareth police in 2009, long before he was here. Moreover, the fact that he has posed for several pictures there is an endorsement of the page.

I am astonished that a police officer investigating criminal activity would not make himself completely familiar with this form of social media, which has been used successfully to solve crimes. It does belie his claim to be computer savy.

Anonymous said...

so why did they lead with the 2nd amendment solution first?
would it not be better to lead with call 911 first and do not engage?
encouraging people to call the cops about something going on sounds like a wiser choice.
where is the need to encourage "responsible" gun owners?
those gun owners should be able to figure it out by themselves.
it is not really a pc problem.
there are some people(the vast majority of gun owners will not) who will view that statement as a hunting license.

Bernie O'Hare said...

No reasonable interpretation supports that ridiculous conclusion. Look, I'm all for tightening up gun laws. But if telling people to exercise the rights the law and constitution give them is wrong, you might as well scrap them both.

Anonymous said...

Support your local Bill of Rights, 1 through 10.

Anonymous said...

so a group of people decide to protest the police and the DA comes out and says "saddle up and protest".
then the DA states "be responsible and do not hurt anyone"
how would that be viewed?
during that protest a cop gets hurt or protester.
does the DA get any blame?
or will the cops back up the DA?
it is not a question of the right to do something.
the problem is what does the police department gain by telling people to (1st)carry guns and then tell folks to (2nd)use the phone?
there was no need to reference the 2nd amendment in their message.
those folks who conceal carry and the majority of gun owners do not really need to be told about the 2nd amendment.

Anonymous said...

Randi miller is a well known coward and liar in the law enforcement community. A disgrace to good cops everywhere. Miller was a rat who sold out the union and everyone else simply to stroke his ego and get ahead. Can't believe anything he says!

Doh Biden said...

How many more Trayvon Martins does america want on it's hands, if people werent such slovenly cowards we wouldnt need to prance around with concealed weaponary. Folks need take up Tae Kwon do or some other martial art in order to feel secure.

Anonymous said...

Just today a man mowed people down with his car and then started stabbing other people. The elitists have emasculated those who would dare protect themselves by saying "don't take the law into your own hands" and "people with guns become vigilantes". This is the language of surrender and puts countless lives in jeopardy. The man on the killing rampage in OH was stopped with a gun. Imagine if the first person assailed with the knife had shot the now dead assailant. Just imagine that one person had the courage to rise above the surrender rhetoric and actually defend himself and God forbid others.

The surrender language creates a robust bounty of victims. The fear and hatred of self-reliance is a mental disease.

The Real Doh Biden said...

While I'm somewhat flattered and mildly amused by the co-opting of my nom de keyboard, I must distance myself from the abhorrent construction and moronic opinion contained in the 2:11 post.

Warmest regards,


Anonymous said...

Pure vitriol by O'Hare and his pals the sticker goons. They contribute nothing to our fine community.

Unlce Remus said...

I for one feel safer knowing armed patriots like Tom Campione Tricia Mezzacappa spendt countless hours at the range honing their marksmanship skills, we are being attacked from the underbelly of society those teet suckling underacheivers who think nothing of violently lashing out at those who without what they covet.

The borough of West Easton's property values no doubt increased with the last election, we are in a new era of law and order. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" -Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

849. The post at 8:12 was not directed at the Nazareth post. It was in terms of social media posts by others as it relates to the politics and this election.

Anonymous said...

Miller is "commissioner" of a police farce of what, 5 officers? With his pompous ass and the psycho chief of police there has never been a more top-heavy organization. Only in Nazrut!

Anonymous said...

God Bless the Nazareth police. Look what they have to put up with.