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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Should Smoking Be Banned Outside the BTCC (Community Center)?

Bethlehem Township's Community Center is a fitness facility that includes numerous types of aerobic equipment, an indoor track, exercise machines, free weights and a natatorium. In addition to the adult use, children make extensive use of the indoor basketball courts. But when they walk in or out, they often must go past smokers right outside the entrance. Assistant Director of Public Works Richard Kanaskie, in a memo to Commissioners, complained that "this creates a very unpleasant environment for people entering or exiting the building."

At their November 21 meeting, Tom Nolan suggested that the Township ban smoking within 30' of the community center and outdoor pool. Mike Hudak agreed, but suggested that a designated smoking area and receptacle be set aside for members who do smoke.  

"I think it's ironic that people go to exercise at the community center,and have to puff away," said Nolan.

Manager Melissa Shafer stated that she would reach out to Jackie Gilligan at the Community Center, and establish a policy proposal for action by Commissioners.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should allow smoking inside and some idiot will accidentally burn the place down?

Anonymous said...

I have met some of the best people at designated smoking areas. We recognize that many people are offended by smoking and accept being marginalized by the government. Maybe we should protest like many others do when they are offended by government actions.

Anonymous said...

Weird that I agree with Hudak on this one. Sure, make a policy to stay away from the entrance but let them know where it is cool to smoke.

Nolan is a moron - he never met a smoker who was in shape?

Anonymous said...

Mind if I smoke? I don't care if you burn.

Anonymous said...

This one and Bennets white sex traffic ring would be a a start of a new subgroup to protest inhumane treatment incitement?