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Friday, November 18, 2016

2016 NorCo Citizen Academy - 21 Graduates

Northampton County Council conducted a ceremony immediately before last night's meeting for its fifth Citizen Academy graduating class, which included 21 participants. Each got a certificate signed by Executive John Brown, Council President John Cusick and President Judge Stephen Baratta. So far, 97 people have completed the course, including two members and some employees.

Among last night's graduates was lovely Adriana Santos, who I first met at an Upper Nazareth Township Supervisors' meeting several months ago. She has a deep interest in local government.

Another participant is Jeff Fox, who I met last year when Hayden Phillips ran against Steve Barron for Controller.

Initially, the opaque Brown administration was going to refuse to give me a list of the graduates because it did not have releases signed by everyone. But as I pointed out, once they are brought into a Council meeting and their names are announced, their identity is public information. So I got the list, but my camera died.

The other graduates are Alan Bagen, Marie Boltz, Barbara Ann Dreisbach, John Ferguson, Thomas Foster, Jane Hill-Rosato, Robert Jackson, Mary Jane McAteer, Stacy Michaylira, Rita Morey, Anthony Morris, Diane Richards, Linda Ruggiero, Raveena Shergill, Philomena Talese, Donna Thorman and Sonia Thorman.

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