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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

How About Some Corporate Welfare?

With limited exceptions, one of the biggest mistakes a local government makes is it presumes it is in any position to judge what business ideas will succeed and which will fail. Last time I checked, they can't even manage their own budgets, but think they are experts at stimulating the economy. For decades, i have watched as they create a KOZ here, a TIF there, a LERTA everywhere. The only reason there has been any success with the NIZ is because the government has practically given everything away, and even there, most of the businesses have been poached. The CRIZ, ugly step-sister to the NIZ, is a spectacular failure. One frickin' project has been developed. Just one. Martin Tower is dead as a doornail. But Bethlehem City officials, in their infinite wisdom, want to spread the poison to a small parcel.

I'll give them this much. They're being transparent, instead of colluding with some developer behind closed doors. But whatever they decide, it will suck. The business of government should be government, not business. Alicia Karner, you might like to golf, but that does not make you part of Corporate AmeriKa. you sold me on the Chrin TIF, which has produced about three jobs! And Bob Donchez, you're a retired teacher, for Christ's sake! You go to bed at 7:45 pm.

What the hell do either of you know about business?

Listen, if you want to give away the store, give it to me. Angle and I are starting a "medical" marijuana growing operation, and this is a great way to avoid the taxes. We could use a few grants, too.

I feel better now.

Below is the city's statement:

Bethlehem, PA. – (November 1, 2016) – Mayor Robert J. Donchez announced the City of Bethlehem is seeking one or more projects from private developers and/or non-profit developers to certify as City Revitalization and Improvement Zone projects. These projects must be constructed on sites within the City on less than 2 acres. The City considers the allocation of CRIZ to new projects as critical importance to the revitalization of underdeveloped properties in the City.

“With the recent release of CRIZ designation from several Bethlehem Parking Authority parcels, the City is in the unique position to look around and see what other projects might benefit from this incentive,” said Mayor Donchez. “Now that there have been improvements to the CRIZ law, I would like to see projects that are in the final stages of development but need this incentive to push the projects over the goal line.”

The City of Bethlehem was awarded a City Revitalization and Improvement Zone (CRIZ) designation in December of 2013. The CRIZ is expected to provide economic development and job creation within the City of Bethlehem. State and local taxes collected within the CRIZ will be used to repay debt serve to stimulate economic development projects within the zone. The focus of the program is to provide opportunity to spur new growth in Bethlehem, helping to revive downtowns and create jobs for the residents in the region. Vacant, desolate, underutilized or abandoned space will be developed, thereby creating jobs, increasing personal incomes, growing state and local tax revenues, reviving local economies and improving the lives of city residents and visitors.

The RFP can be found at https://www.bethlehem-pa.gov/econdev/index.html.


Anonymous said...

sooooo....that spectacular development in bethlehem has nothing to do with the years of lerta?

Anonymous said...

Donchez and karner have been in over their heads since day one. If the mess they have made wasn't so sad it would be funny. Next election rid the city of this retired control freak teacher and the foul mouthed dced will go by the wayside. Quit electing school teachers to council or the position of mayor.

Anonymous said...

amazing how the right wing never complains about corporate welfare.

george schaller said...

The simite creators and inavators that have propogated this multifaceted calculated miscalculation are jumping from toilet to toilet drinking the blue bugjuice from the same outhouse of our shitfly saviors house.

Anonymous said...

They fast track this flawed development plan but fail to throw Alvin Kanofsky in jail for failing to fix or level his blighted building on 3rd St. Good job City of Bethlehem! The senior officials of the city government are so inept and they need to be kicked out of office. It is disgraceful how they and the previous administration have crippled the city financially. And this is the city that Money magazine chose as one of the best places to retire in the northeast?? So much for their credibility.