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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Election Baby

It was a busy and very long day for me yesterday, helping people to exercise their right to vote in Hanover Township. But it was an even longer day for a pregnant Hanover Township who was rushed to St. Luke's Hospital for an emergency delivery. Fortunately, mom and her daughter McKylie are doing well. But because mom was a little busy, she never made it to the polls. She never sought an absentee ballot because she had no idea she would be giving birth so soon.

Mom and her husband were supporting different presidential candidates. This new Dad promised Mom that he would abstain from voting, telling her that the two would cancel each other out. But he's a dirty rat. Once he was sure that his wife and baby daughter were healthy, he told her he was leaving to vote.

Fortunately, mom has a good friend. I'll call her Reina. She came to my precinct and asked for an absentee ballot. It was impossible to give her one, but I suggested we could try a provisional ballot. She returned with it to St. Luke's, where Mom filled it out and the hospital provided a note, explaining what had happened. Then she brought it back, just before closing time.

Given that Mom's failure to vote is no fault of her own, and both the hospital and Reina provided statements, would you honor this provisional ballot? We are supposed to err on the side of allowing people to vote. If we had early or online voting, this would never be an issue.

Elections officials will make this call.


Anonymous said...

It's a vote.

Anonymous said...

great picture and a very dynamic statment in it, it's raining today so that tells me many souls are making it back to there true destination! That could be up and down as well as the REentry into there body for which they were meant for, the ladd in the picture has not been tainted by earthly evils of this day! The look in in the eyes, and them eyes of innocence and joy just from a simple sticker placed upon his or her head like mommy or daddy is a great accomplishment that will be lost in the memory once the entisements of things like the arena agenda designs catch those innocent eyes, not even to mention the all important ears?

REpublican redd
no carnival nor circus agenda design as none of the above were a opption, now all we can do it sit back and watch and listen to see if the monkey and organ grinder is still playing

Peter J.Cochran said...

Now J.Ginsburg,Rose ,Stewart,Sharpton,Whoopi and the other comedians,said they would pack their bags,Well we will see. Sanctuary cities are having budget issues to come to their senses.NRA taking the week off and illeagals hope they can get out before they are rounded up and sent to build that wall. Next two months are going to be the quiet period before the great storm. God bless America-and I hope we can act civil. I still have some Dem. friends i respect and will help them though.

jma said...

Best wishes to the new Mom.

I hope her vote counts for many reasons, one of which is it'd be a great story for her to pass down.

Anonymous said...

I know this is meant as a nice human interest story but her husband sounds like a real caring guy (sarcasm). I am sure that is exactly what his wife wanted to be doing after giving birth.