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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Pa GOP Worried About Fraudulent Voter Registrations by Fieldworks

Chester County GOP Chair Val DiGiorgio is warning other county chairs and state committee members about fraudulent voter registration forms being submitted by a progressive grassroots organization called Fieldworks, LLC. According to DiGiorgio, the Department of State has instructed county registrars that they must accept registrations from this outfit, even those filed after the deadline.

I've been unable to find any evidence that the Department of State has issued any such directive.

According to the Inky, Pennsylvania State Police have raided a Fieldworks office in Delaware County.

Fieldworks claims it has "zero tolerance for fraud," and is reportedly cooperating in identifying any person who prepared bogus voter registrations.


tunaman13212 said...

this is a good outfit maybe the gop needs to look at themselves and how they try to surpress the vote.

Jamie Kelton said...

Anytime outside organizations "register" voters, the possibility of fraud exists. How can it be determined that all registrations that are collected by outside organizations are actually valid ones? There are plenty of cemeteries with headstones with names on them.

People vote individually. If you want to register, then self-registration can be done as well with positive voter photo identification.

Anonymous said...

well in PA
"To be registered in the next election, mail or
deliver your application form to your county voter
registration office at least 30 days before the
next election.
Addresses for all Pennsylvania counties are listed
on page 2.
If your registration is accepted, you will receive
a Voter Registration Card from your county by
nonforwardable mail.
Your registration is not complete until processed
and accepted by your county voter registration
If you do not receive your Voter Registration
Card within 14 days, contact your county voter
registration office."


so there is no real difference from signing up with an organization or mailing in a form yourself.