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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nazareth Police Officer Delivers Election Day Baby

Nazareth Police Officer Stephen Schleig is the cop who was constantly belittled by Nazareth officials in an attempt to get him to quit, even to the point of refusing to replace a worn bicycle uniform for months. Instead of quitting, Schleig sued. He hung in there, saving the life of a 54 year-old Nazareth man who went into cardiac arrest on a cold February morning. Now he's helped bring a new life into the world.

On Election Day, as I was making my way in darkness to set up my polling place, Steve was busy on a mission of his own. "I was blessed to be at the right place at the right time where I was needed the most," said Schleig on his Facebook page. He was delivering a baby. "I love being a policeman! Happy Birthday Baby Callie W. who was born at 0650 hours weighing at 6 lbs 15oz. and 20 inches long on the bathroom floor of her home."

The previous night, the expecting mother had left work and went to Lehigh Valley Hospital (Cedar Crest). Though her contractions were just three minutes apart and she was bleeding, her doctor said she would not deliver for several more days. But the baby felt differently, as Mom discovered soon after she returned home.

Steve is one amazing guy. Though he looks like an NFL lineman, Schleig is a gentle and humble soul who even dislikes the use of profanity. Naturally, he refuses to take credit. "It begins with the first call from our guardian angels who watch over all of us (911 dispatchers) who then help direct me and others (Nazareth EMS) where to go and who is in need of our HELP," he said on his Facebook page. "It truly is a team or FAMILY effort. I'm just glad I was able to help people who needed me the most in their darkest hour."

"He did a good job," said Mom's best friend, Michele Howey.

Mom needs a doctor's note for work, and Dr. Schleig will have to provide it.

Not a peep from the Nazareth Borough Police Facebook page.

Schleig is also President of the Nazareth Borough Police Association. That's the union for full-time officers. That organization conducts an annual essay contest for seniors at local high schools. The winner gets a $500 cash prize. These cops also perform what they call "random acts of kindness" for people in need.

As a Nazareth resident with lots of enemies, it's re-assuring to know that Officer Schleig is there. I'm getting sick and tired of daily visits from Coroner Zach Lysek.

"Just checking," he says.


Anonymous said...

You just don't stop, this fine young man sets an astonising example and has been blessed by god into the relm of fatherhood, male or female? Life takes on a hole new meaning and this mans trails and tribulations at the hands of his handlers will forever change the lifes of others, not to mention the other children that this mans intestinal fortitude will afford them. One fine example of America's historical human value system that is defunct and void in most areas today

As for the cornor visting you it must have been that last energy drink that got you?

PixelUser610 said...

It is an honored to call this man my friend. The dedication to his job not only in Nazareth, but Palmer Township is one of a kind. He's the officer who will talk to residents, check on the elderly and lend a hand. His career is far from over, but he has so much to be proud of and I hope it continues. Thank you for continuing to show everyone you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Anonymous said...


This is one of your best stories ever!

Anonymous said...

There's his problem, he is President of the local union. For years Nazareth Borough council has been anti-FOP and their locals. Most of this was led by the happy bartender, Larry Stoudt. Now that they got their political crony serving as Commissioner, in this VERY top heavy municipal police department, they can carry on with their anti-union animosity with a vengeance. This officer did an excellent job and should be commended for his actions by the spiteful, vengeful council and their proxy police command!

Anonymous said...

"He looks like an NFL lineman" Actually he looks like Gomer Pyle from the movie FULL METAL JACKET. A big, lazy stupid putz. It is funny how he can delivery babies, but when the going gets tough, he hides behind fellow officers. A true police maneuver Lahovski taught him. Hide, then sue everybody. Now so called police chief Thomas "cupcake" Lahovski is blending in with the gang again. I am sure Thomas Lahovski will find someway to be involved in this miracle baby delivery from an officer who should be patrolling Malls with a squirt gun.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Go away, "Mayor" Strye. the poker machines are calling.

Anonymous said...

"Actually he looks like Gomer Pyle from the movie FULL METAL JACKET."

Has getting caught with your hand in cookie jar not taught you anything yet? I would have thought that you would have 875,000 reasons why you should'nt come out from under the rocks.

But then again you do take pride washing other people's cars for a living. Sure doesn't take a rocket scientist to fill the bucket up with soap and water.

Personally I think Officer Schleig does look like someone famous. Certainly not going to pile. Haven't you ever heard of Brock Lesnar, UFC snd WWE World Heavy Weight champion of the world? You BALD headed dumb-Azz!

You should pray to God that Officer Schleig, Officer Lahovski, Chief Trachta, Officer Troxell and Officer Adam Schimmer are around to protect you the next time you're in the Holy Family Club and it's dark inside and you walk by the pool table and someone says 8 - ball corner pocket with a pool cue stick in their hands. They might confuse confuse your bald head with one of the cue balls.

You will forever be know as the Theft Mayor who stole from a Volunteer Fire Company.

Anonymous said...

Carl, don't go away mad, just go away. Punk

Anonymous said...

Great cop in an improving town.