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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Plastic Container Maker Gets Break in Hanover Tp

Scott Bosco and Keith Lawler
DevTech, a plastic container manufacturer, recently leased a new 120,000 sq ft facility at 5210 Jaindl Boulevard in Hanover Township. It was lured here by the state Department of Community and Economic Development and Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation with a $150,000 Pennsylvania First Program grant, $96,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits and $21,600 in state funding for employee training. The company is spending $18 million on this venture, and expects to create 32 jobs. But the company was before Hanover Township supervisors on November 22 to discuss plans for four silos and two coolers next to the manufacturing facility.

The company already has plan approval, but the addition of four silos and two coolers could be regarded as a new plan. Keystone Consulting Engineer Keith Lawler and developer Scott Bosco asked Supervisors to waive any requirement fora new plan. the silos will be 10' in diameter and 42' high, the same as the building. They will be used to store plastic preforms. The coolers will simply circulate water to cool plastic as it is made. There will be no explosive material and they will be hidden from public view. Township engineer Jim Milot and Solicitor Wendy Nicolosi raised no concerns.

Supervisors John N. Diacogiannis, Mark J. Tanczos and Michael J. Prendeville voted to grant a waiver from land development. Prendeville, who crafted the motion, conditioned the relief on removal of the silos and coolers should DevTech re-locate. Bosco told Prendeville that DevTech has a long-term lease.

Supervisors Stephen R. Salvesen and John D. Nagle were absent.

In other business, Supervisors amended the zoning ordinance to provide for brew pubs in certain districts. They also added a shared parking ordinance similar to what exists in Bethlehem.

Public Works Director Vince Milite's road crew has been busy picking up leaves. Four trucks are on the road for ten hours on weekdays and eight hours on Saturdays.

One of the final items considered was with a disc jockey for a cheerleading tournament at the community center.

"Any questions?" asked Prendeville.

"I hope not because the tournament was last Saturday," answered Manager Jay Finnigan.


Anonymous said...

Why is my post not being shown?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I deleted no comment. I checked my spam folder and nothing is there. My guess is you failed properly to submit it.

Paul Arnold said...

Bernie, I wonder why you did not write about my comments regarding the new warehouses proposed for the corner of Jaindl Blvd and Township Line Rd.
I spoke about the real concern of the proposed location of the truck entrance for these two warehouse on Jaindl Blvd. The entrance on Jaindl is located just west on the curve on Jaindl coming from Township Line Rd. This entrance location will be dangerous as trucks will be entering and exiting this entrance into heavy truck and car traffic. This traffic will only get heavier as warehouses out on Hanoverville Rd go on line. Additionally, many trucks and cars are driving over the 35mph limit. Bottom line, this entrance will be unsafe and dangerous.
Also, as a TOA resident we have real concern about the noise that will be created at this entrance. Trucks braking, slowing and starting will create heavy noise which will be just across the street from our homes.
I stated how we understand the right for these warehouses to be built. We also feel that we need to look out for our right to live in a safe and peaceful environment.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I considered but did not write about it bc I know too little about it, not bc of anything you said.