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Friday, September 26, 2014

Whining A Poor Way To Attract Readers

LVCI is an anonymous blogger who is so afraid of everyone that he once told me he won't attend a meeting. I refuse to link to him. He is incapable of offering original local news, and I have no interest in opinions offered by cowards afraid of their own shadow. Nor do many others. Instead of considering the possibility that much of his problem might be him, he lashes out at his readers and even other local bloggers. Unsuccessful in the Lehigh Valley, he's going international. That way he will an attract readers who appreciate his quality work, he reasons. 

He'll fail.

What I've learned over years of blogging is that the surest way to turn off readers is to cater to what you think they want. Whenever I do that, I fail, no matter how clever I think my post might be.

To be successful, you have to write about what what appeals to you. I am passionate about local government, and appeal to readers who share that passion. I try to be informative, original and try to avoid the mistake of taking myself or anyone else too seriously. When I do, I get hammered.

Another way to fail is to whine repeatedly about a lack of readership or comments. LVCI does that quite a bit. I usually just chuckle. But I was unaware until now that this is a trash-talkin' BS blog.

I kinda' like that.

Here's an excerpt of his rant:
I've become acutely aware readers of blogs here in the Lehigh Valley only have 1 or 2 sites they participate with. I named this blog focused on my introspectives concerning issues and spending a lifetime growing up here for a reason. As I look over various other blogs, both past and present, apparently few in this area appreciate those efforts I and others have made concerning local issues over these many years.

It makes little sense to spend so much time on people who care so little. Over the years I (and others) spent countless hours researching links for each of every conceivable issue one could think of going on the Lehigh Valley offering opinion and commentary. Nearly all received a tepid response in readership. While most other bloggers gave up on them I hung in.

That Is, Until Today...
Lehigh Valley readers have taken to only one other local blog no matter how much effort is made by myself or others over the years. If dozens of readers want to respond to only one other's BS blog which caters to talking trash so-be-it.
I was also unaware he viewed himself as a competitor. In any event, he's now gone on to more important stuff, like the property tax elimination issue that people have been talking about for 1,000 years, and the iPhone.

Zero comments.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous LVCI dude, I'd read your blog if I had known about it. And blogs with LESS stories about the Slate belt or far flung Lehigh Valley places no one goes is fine with me.

But lose the stories about Charlie Sheen. THAT'S how you want to attract readers?

Anonymous said...

This rant is consistent with having never hear of "LVCI".

This person sounds like he expected people to like what he was doing, and got pissed off when he didn't get any satisfaction. Loser, who needs to find a new outlet. The current one is clogged.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This outlet is far from clogged. There are lots of stories out there. Many ares in the Lehigh Valley get no coverage at all, as newspapers shrink. And there are bloggers who try to inform, like Matt Dees in West Easton, Ron Beitler in Lower Macungie and Molovinsky on Allentown. We could use more blogging on Lehigh Cointy government, Allentown 's urban growth regime, a tab on how the LV delegation of state reps are voting, etc. there is a lot of room for real citizen journalism. We have two great humor blogs, a blog about alternative foods. We could use a blog on high school sports. We could use many more hyper local blogs. And unlike what LVCI seems to think, blogs do not compete against each other. They actually complement one another.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think the Allentown public high school kids from Allen and Dieruff could use a lot more press for a number of different reasons.

Positive motivation FOR THE KIDS would be a prominent one.

I certainly remember very well that the Allentown School District once considered eliminating all middle school sports when I was at Trexler. I remember going to a School Board meeting and testifying that sports were a big part of what kept me out of trouble. That if I get sent to the principal's office, I can't go to practice or play in games. And, if I don't have to worry about staying eligible, then, hell, why do I need to worry about staying out of trouble?

I never would have gotten into the University I went to without athletics --- I was short of the school's official admission criteria concerning both grade point average as well as SAT score.

So, am I now THE most successful person on the planet? I'm gonna say, "Not even close" ... But I will also point out that I'm not doing three consecutive life terms at San Quentin, either.

But I have absolutely no desire to get involved with Allentown high school sports. Following a team(s) takes a great deal of time, energy and even a couple of bucks. But that's not the real problem.

The real problem is that people are not interested in yards, touchdowns and tackles anymore --- they just want to be fed a steady diet of controversy all day, every day.

Racism is always a big "winner", just for the record.

Meanwhile, a guy from UCLA ran an interception back 95 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter last night and then hauled a kickoff back 100 + yards for yet another touchdown in the third quarter --- no player in UCLA school history has ever had returned both a pick and a kick for TDs in the same game!

So I put up a FB post. And I simply reconfimred what I already knew ... If anybody is a "Loser" who truly needs a new outlet, it would be ME!!!

I definitely think that Tony Greitzer deserves more accolades & attention for his continuing work at Dieruff --- and I am acutely aware of the fact that I am the most least qualified person to provide that.

What a shame.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You'll be happy to know that, athletically, Dieruff is turning around. Look at its football program this year. It has a core of good, tough kids who have stuck together. Some are at Central, too. I can tell you that next year, they should be a power in football and basketball. You want to let them know you care? Go to tonight's game when the Huskies host the Golden Hawks.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's game has trap written all over it for BeCa. Dieruff ain't the Husky puppies they used to be. Should be a good game. Agree about DHS's prospects for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

I used to get alot of responses when I did LEHIGH VALLEY FLAVOR.... Maybe I should bring it back. THose were the good old days of being "wet behind the ears"


Alfonso Todd

Bernie O'Hare said...

That was a good one, Alfonso.

MM once suggested that LVCI start an Internet radio station. I'd agree with that recommendation. The guy has a radio voice, likes to hear himself talk, likes old songs and could probably put something together with that kind of format. But nobody is going to read a guy who cries every two weeks that he isn't getting enough comments.

And he still doesn't get it. It is not the anonymous commenter that turns people off. It is the anonymous blogger who does no original reporting and who somehow thinks people are going to waste their valuable time reading incredibly lengthy posts written by someone whose information is all second hand.

By the way, the blogosphere is not like the newspapers. If someone reads one blog, he or she is likely to read several. So it is not in my interest to bash this guy. The more readers he has, the more I have. But I get a little fed up at his slurs at this and MM's blog. It's really petty on his part. If he wants to call this a BS blog that encourages trash-talkin', then he should expect to be told what his blog is. And he was.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I'm sold on high school football tonight and am leaving for J. Birney Crum in minutes.

I read today that Dieruff's RB is a legitimate Division I prospect.

I actually went to Allen --- but I live in Dieruff territory.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It was a great night for high school football. Though Dieruff was crushed, dieruff fought as though the game was a tie and never let up. I will have a story.

Anonymous said...

I concur after being quite literally convinced to to go by this very blog.

Bethlehem Catholic's interior line was entirely too big for Dieruff and the Golden Hawks have an array of legitimate weapons at the skill positions.

Dieruff looked as if they might have a chance to hang around after going down 19-7 early in the second quarter. The Huskies drove deep inside Becahi territory but lost a bunch of yards on a curious draw play on third down. Then, the Golden Hawks # 26 intercepted the fourth down pass, picked up his blockers very well and coasted all the way down the sidelines for another touchdown.

Dieruff never did quit --- I was very impressed when the Huskies # 20 Robinson got loose and scored his second touchdown of the game very late in the last quarter. That kid had several good runs on the night and he's not even the Huskies' number one back. The Dieruff receiver Reyes (# 1) showed on several occasions he can make yardage when he gets his hands on the ball, too.

The part I liked best of all was the Dieruff band. They can't have more than twenty people who play instruments and I noticed two of the big bass drummers marching at halftime were actually football players who took their helmets off and never made it to the locker room! I was sincerely shocked at how loud they were, though; I never would have guessed they could generate that much noise.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Great observations!

You should have looked for me, but I really appreciate your insight. There was a woman sitting by herself near me. I asked if her son or granson's might be playing. She told me she didn't know anyone, but is an alum and decided it was time to start cheering for her school. I think we will see more Dieruff fans. I loved the Huskies mascot pretending to pee on the Golden Hawk. I know a few of the Dieruff players. One or two guys on the line.

The Freshman team was there in Their Jerseys. I begged them to be gentle with my grandson on Monday, and they said no deal.

In two years, I think Dieuruff is going to win the Districts.

Great night for football!

The only downside was outside the stadium. As I was leaving, two Dieruff girls started fighting. But before I could break it up (and I think I would have been clobbered) the kids stopped it themselves.

Love your band observation. I was struck by how small they were, and live that two football players were in the band.

Anonymous said...

I heard a few different people in the crowd remark how few seniors Dieruff have and I was astounded how much yardage the Huskies were actually able to gain over the course of the night considering how much bigger Bethlehem Catholic obviously were.

I thought the kids were well behaved enough inside the stadium and I had/saw no trouble on the way out.

Dieruff traditionally always had better teams when I was growing up and then went to Allen. But Allen always had a massive band of about 300 and did things like go play both the Cotton Bowl and the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. The Huskies would only ever have like 70-80 band members and so we busted their chops about that because it was all we could really do.

Now, both schools have very small bands and that is really unfortunate. Because everyone knows you can't have a proper high school (or college) football game without marching bands playing music. It would be like trying to have Thanksgiving Dinner without actually bothering to sit at a table and eat any kind of food.

Harvey The Pookah said...

LVCI has shut down comments as a result of your hate blog, congrat's O'Hate your getting close to the blog mentor's number of victims.

Anonymous said...

3:09 is you-know-who, with the fancy education and no hope of ever working again. She never learned how to spell "you're" and tips her hand constantly. You can't teach a poor old woman new tricks.

So she sits around and blames BOH for everything, including someone ELSE's blog being shut down. Keep drinking!

Anonymous said...

The Blog Mentor seems to have been the one who touched a raw nerve with LVCI. If LVCI thinks he is immune to criticism about his blog then he needs to find another outlet for his thoughts.
First the guy complains he doesn't get comments then he complains about the comments that appear.
He expects everyone to kiss his ass?
O'Hare accepts a lot of shit thrown at him and has never shut down comments completely on his entire blog.

mon said...

LVCI seems like the lonely kid on a playground. That is a tough spot to be.

I don't like his description of your blog, Bernie. But I think he's coming from a place of jealousy. And although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, jealousy is a close second. I wish you'd take LVCI's comments as the compliment he didn't intend.

monkey momma said...

Hmmm... I meant to call myself monkey momma.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks, Monkey Momma. He has no reason to be jealous, but I suspect you're right.irinically, as soon as he got some attention and was exposed to the very thing he wanted, he shut comments down. If you want an interactive blog, you are going to get a few kicks in the teeth.

I think he'd be happier if he did Internet radio. I tried explaining what he does wrong. He can do whatever he wants.