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Monday, September 08, 2014

Antonio Brown the Karate Kid?

From what I saw on the 'net, I think Brown was trying to jump over the defender, not kick him. But he was called for unnecessary roughness.


Anonymous said...

The NFL gets wimpier and wimpier all the time. The product has become virtually unwatchable. And it should be obvious to all that the only 'story' that is supposed to be of any importance to anybody is that of Dallas Cowboys practice squad player Michael Sam.

Anonymous said...

The NFL has more penalties this year than Carters has little pills. I get the increased emphasis on safety. But how long until the players start to wear dresses and endorse tampons and scented candles? The games were ridiculous yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Considering how expensive tickets, concessions, parking, etc., the entire NFL stadium experience is entirely too expensive for me and my family, anyway.

Then again, NFL Football is definitely not what it used to be so at least I will not be feeling as if I am missing out on anything special.

Sincerest apologies and best of luck to Roger Goodell, though.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is Michael Sam is playing the tight end.

Anonymous said...

@5:05 How does it feel to be a bigoted ass?

Bernie O'Hare said...

These ass references are probably not the best approach to call one out for homophobia. But I get it. I did not delete that comment bc it struck me as funny. I'll allow it to stand, along with your admonition.

Anonymous said...

I was shaking my head that a 15 years penalty was given on that play. Brown tried to hurdle the punter on the way to the end zone.
Yesterday some in the media questioned Brown's intent. Have they gone mad? Brown is an all-pro player and person. There was no intent to kick the punter.

I'll have to admit it was kind of funny though.

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