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Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Lehigh Valley Gatekeepers

From the Bethlehem Area Public Library (edited): The Lehigh Valley Gatekeepers Program is a collective community approach to connecting at-risk older adults to appropriate services to keep them living safely and independently. Many vulnerable seniors live alone or have little or no contact with others, particularly people in social services. Often their increasing need for assistance with daily activities can go unnoticed. Gatekeepers are non-traditional referral sources who come into contact with seniors through their work and are trained:
•to recognize warning signs and red flags that indicate a senior may need some help or support
•to understand the protocol for obtaining information for reporting
•to report their concerns to the Gatekeeper Program

A United Way-sponsored training for library staff about the Gatekeepers Program (identifying at-risk seniors) is being held at the Bethlehem Area Public Library on September 25. There are two sessions -- one at 2pm and one 3pm. Please contact Josh Berk (610-867-3761 x215) or Amy Angelo (email), Trainer Coordinator for the Gatekeepers Program, to reserve a spot. Be sure to let me know which time you plan to attend.

This free training is open to all libraries in Northampton and Lehigh Counties, and to concerned business owners and community members. Once completed, you will be given a Gatekeeper ID# and be qualified to make referrals to the Agency on Aging. Any and all library staff are welcome to attend.

They'll never take me alive!!

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