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Monday, September 15, 2014

Molovinsky Starts Radio Campaign

Credit Michael Molovinsky Facebook page.
This is as close as he gets to a smile.
Blogger Independent state house candidate Michael Molovinsky, who's running for the state house seat held by incumbent Julie Harhart, is the first local candidate this election cycle to start running radio ads. They started airing last week on WAEB-AM.

Democrat Terri Powell, a title agent, is also running for this seat.

Molovinsky is running another campaign to save Wehr Dam, which might matter more than the political race. The Wildlands is on a crusade tear down every dam it sees with grant money. This is the subject of recent Morning Call feature story.


Anonymous said...

The Morning Call article uses the phrase "science vs. sentiment".

I know what side I am on.

michael molovinsky said...

@10:19, the whole article slanted towards the wildlands and science. the problem is that the science isn't site specific. in wehr's case, right below the dam the creek dries up during periods of drought, because it's a "disappearing stream". that means that it has a limestone base, and the water goes below surface for 500 yards to beyond the covered bridge. needless to say fish can't swim underground through rocks. the dam actually keeps that more water in stream by regulating the amount that goes over it. the wildlands also generalized the science in lehigh parkway. the 12''robin hood dam was no barrier to the trout. worse, removing the trout nursery dam resulted in a massive fish kill this summer.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I know what side I am on."

Yeah, whatever side Molovinsky is not. I have already deleted three of your personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

Because that's how BO rolls.