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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Aurand Takes Swing at Gas Tax

State senatorial candidate Mark Aurand , has kicked off his campaign with a Youtube video that slams Governor Corbett's controversial gas tax, a 25 cent per gallon increase at the pump. Daily Times columnist Chris Freind calls it Corbett's "path to single digit approval."

But hold on there, says a supporter of Mario Scvello, Aurand's Republican opponent. "His claim that he will fight the gas tax increase is hot air," he responds, adding that the senate democrat leadership and organized labor both supported the gas tax increase. "What does he suggest to do about the bridges that defective and road that need to be fixed?" he asks. He also observes that, without the gas tax, there would be no 512 and 33 interchange.

So there you have it. A Democrat attacking a tax and a Republican defending it.

And they're off! Scavello is in the lead coming around the first turn, with Aurand coming on hard.


Dark Wing Duck said...

The ad is playing regularly on NEPA stations like WBRE. So it is NOT just a YouTube video.

His (Scavello) protege Rosemary Brown (R) voted against the gas tax Scavello voted for. It was the first time she did not just nod and agree with him. Considering all those NYC transplants in the Poconos who drive to NENJ or NYC for a living, makes you wonder what Scavello was thinking.

Also, word has spread recently that behind the scenes, Scavello admitted that HB76 could never pass. Yet he claims to support it publicly.

He said once he was going to sue to get more funding for schools. Only to quietly let that promise vanish. Has never had an actual bill passed in over a decade in PA's Beltway.

Scavello's problem in this race is the Northampton County side pays attention to more local news than Monroe side: where most watch NYC TV on BRC or Dish and read the NY Daily News and Post over the Pocono Record.

Not to mention the Northampton County side is more densely populated than many of the more rural Monroe Townships.

Scavello is nothing more than a Republican version of Bob Freeman. Great at getting elected--sucks at actually doing anything other than photo-ops.

At least Bob Freeman never calls critics up on the phone to belittle them and claim they are breaking laws (when they are not), or troll comment sections ala 1 Vote Joe. Can't say the same for Mario Scavello.

And, has anyone seen him in Northampton County recently? It seems he only cares about winning Monroe. There is some representative government for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott and Joe would have a chance of beating Scavello. Mario did a phone poll the week before primary. Aurand was 3rd in the poll, so Mario and his minions helped Aurand win in Monroe. Scott would have done the best job of the 4!

Anonymous said...

"What does he suggest to do about the bridges that defective and road that need to be fixed?"

How about getting rid of expensive prevailing wage law to reduce the cost of road and bridge repair!

Anonymous said...

Wolf/Aurand are all opposing Corbetts gas tax to the low information voters painting Corbett like he is
screwing the people. The gas tax is paying to fix the infrastructure .Democrats and liberals should like that !
Wolf will raise taxes far beyond any tax payers imagination.
Wolf's platform is now called "A Fresh Start" which is Obamanation wrapped up in a different package. Wolf is a limousine liberal . if You hate Obama and what he has done to this country better not vote for Wolf/Aurand or any liberal.

Anonymous said...

Mark Who?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:35 is the ghost of Morton Downy Jr. "Limousine Liberals". There is a phrase no one has said in 26 years.

Anon 11:43, bills passed by who for 10 years? NOT SCAVELLO!!!

Fleckster at 6:54AM!

Anonymous said...

As Northampton County voters are seeing, WHERE'S MARIO!!! It's like Where's Waldo--but you have to find the arrogant politico who is great at getting elected, but never does anything in Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Scavello supporter not named or linked like the person behind the "single digit approval" quote?

Anonymous said...

Aurand may regret going after the gas tax unless he comes up with a real solution to fixing the mess in Monroe County. @Dark Wing Duck, Rosemary Brown was the one not thinking. The roads in almost her entire district are disgraceful and as far as the "transplants" driving to NENJ or NYC, they aren't buying gas in PA anyway. In fact, if you are anywhere NEAR NJ, you are buying there. Always been that way. Both Brown and Scavello have been whispering that HB 76 won't pass, but then they both knew that before they sponsored it. Scavello is all about Scavello and Brown was his second vote. Wonder who will adopt her when he's gone from the House.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The person who attacked Corbett is a columnist and did so publicly. I neglected to ask the Scavello supporter who spoke to me if I could quote him, and naming him without his permission would not be cricket.

Besides, the identity if this person is irrelevant. What matters is what he said and that it is being said by someone who supports Mario.

You can criticize me for not asking.

Anonymous said...

Scavello is well known for bring staffers and having them play the part of supporters. Dan Ferguson did this for years as his official Legislative Aide. Hence why some of us want to know.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I see. The person I spoke to is a Northampton County R, and is not on anyone's staff.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the readership doubled recently to 20, with the addition of Scavello haters from Monroe County. This new seat should bring some interesting comments. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Oh quityerbitchin

Wait'll the folks much smarter than any of us impose a carbon tax.

To fight "the number one problem facing mankind", those taxes will make these look like chump change.