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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bethlehem Tp Police Officer Receives Nathan Ogden Award

Sgt Richard Blake (blue shirt) presented Nathan Ogden award by Chief Dan Pancoast. His wife Krystyna and sons Ben and Paul attended the ceremony before Township Commissioners.  
In 1771, Northampton County Deputy Sheriff Nathan Ogden was killed while attempting to execute an arrest warrant. He is the first known law enforcement officer to make the ultimate sacrifice for his community in America. In his memory, the Northampton County Chiefs of Police Association annually honors a police officer who distinguishes himself and his profession.

This year's recipient is Bethlehem Township Sergeant Richard Blake, a 23-year veteran.

Chief Dan Pancoast told Commissioners at their September 15 meeting that the honor was conferred on Sgt. Blake because of his work in several cases.

When a mentally distraught and suicidal man had doused himself with gasoline, Sgt. Blake risked his life by climbing into a car with a man who was one lit match away from ending his life, When the statute of limitations was ready to expire on a brutal sexual assault, Sgt. Blake was able to develop information that led to the arrest of two assailants. In addition, Chief Pancoast detailed Sgt. Blake's work in breaking up prostitution rings and meth labs.

After the award was announced, Sgt. Blake received a standing ovation, and actually started to smile.

This is at least the second time that a Bethlehem Township police officer has received the Nathan Ogden award. In 2010, the honor went to Captain George J. Boksan, who is currently the Director of Safety at Moravian College.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Sgt. Blake and all of the other officers who we never hear mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Ogden Award Winners

2002 - Ptlm. Thomas Barndt, Lower Saucon Township
2003 - Ptlm. Ronald Jones, Lower Saucon Township
2004 - Det. Scott Lipare, Bethlehem Township
2005 - Ptlm. Jeff Johnston, Hellertown
2006 - Ptlm. Dean Wilson, Bethlehem Township
2007 - Ptlm. Anthony Marks, Bethlehem
2008 - Ptlm. Harry Wyant, Pen Argyl
2009 - Det. Daniel Reagan, Easton
2010 - Capt. George Boksan, Bethlehem Township
2011 - Det. James Smith, Bethlehem
2012 - Ptlm. Robert Lasso, Freemansburg
2013 - Ptlm. Steven Horvath, Pen Argyl
2014 - Sgt. Richard Blake, Bethlehem Township

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks so much for listing these. I was wondering about that last night, and will make it part of my story for the BP. I am delaying those reports until after I revirew comments to the blofg, and find the stories aree more informative and accurate as a result. Thanks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Funny how tiny Pen Argyl has had two winners. Good for them! And Bethlehem Twp leads the pack!!

Anonymous said...

I have found that there are some Chiefs of Police that are supportive of the efforts of policemen under their command and are more prolific in the submission of award finalists to the selection committee of the Northampton County Chiefs of Police Association. The selection is made by three Chiefs of Police that volunteer their time.