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Monday, September 15, 2014

Lehigh Valley Without Love?

George Wacker drinking vegan beer.
One thing missing from George Wacker's Linked-In resume is his entertaining blog, Lehigh Valley With Love. Perhaps he thinks the stuffed shirts and suits who read the crap people post about themselves at Linked-In, would be turned off. Fuck 'em. I enjoy Wacker's wackiness, But since becoming Communications Manager at Discover Lehigh Valley, he's pretty much toned things down at his irreverent blog. He steers clear of pretty anything beyond snarking the subjects of local stories, especially when they involve dumb criminals. There is one exception. He's willing to risk his corporate career over Vegan Treats. It's him or them.

Located near Liberty High School between Linden Street and Easton Avenue, it's a great bakery and custard shop for vegans or people with different food allergies. Their deserts and soft ice cream taste just as good or better than anything you'll find in other bakeries. But Wacker hates the place. Maybe it's because there's no booze.

His latest hit piece questions whether Vegan Treats is really vegan. Someone spotted a Chex brand cereal box inside the store. What's worse, the sprinkles used on deserts are made out of shellac, which Wacker claims is "SUPER not vegan."

You know that glaze you see on donuts? Raisenettes? It comes straight out of the ass of a insect. It's called shellac.

Holy shellac!

So when that candy bar you're gobbling tastes like shit, that might be because it is. But for most, once you've had shellac, you won't go back.

Some of the vegans are going nutz over this, and Vegan Treats has decided to pull its sprinkles and Chex Mix until it learns whether zillions of innocent insects have been killed as a result of our corporate greed for their assholes.

"Maybe they just died of old age<" suggests fellow blogger independent state house candidate Michael Molovinsky.

That's Michael, who always looks for a way to make lemonade out of lemons instead of talking shit, even insect shit.

Geprge Wacker, on the other hand, needs to lighten up on Vegan Treats. George, do you see me going after unethical businesses or politicians? You should try to be nice like Molovinsky and me. Your salary is indirectly coming from the Lehigh Valley Partnership, and those bastards want us all to choke on shellac.
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