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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nazareth Mayor: "I Don't Care What a Judge says"

From Carl Strye's Facebook 
Let's get something clear here. Nazareth Mayor Carl Strye, a carwash salesman, never bothered to show his face in the courtroom when District Judge Jacqueline Taschner, a former cryptanalyst who also served as an Assistant District Attorney, acquitted the Sticker Gang of all charges in a ridiculous and vindictive prosecution inspired by a thin-skinned police chief who hated being criticized. The sole Council member who did go, Frank Maurek, was disgusted by the ineptitude displayed. Putting the Constitution aside, there simply was no evidence to establish that defendants Trevor Gehret, Jeremy Peters and Dan Logothetis did anything wrong. It was a trumped up case brought by bullies.

At the time, Hizzoner told a reporter he supported Judge Taschner's decision, not that it's needed. That was a bold-faced lie. Yesterday, he told The Express Times what he really thinks, "I don't care what a judge says." He also complains that the Sticker Gang, whose case he never saw in a courtroom, "didn't get any kind of sentencing, they were sort of let go." Incredibly, speaking as the Mayor of Nazareth, he defames three innocent people who were already publicly humiliated in a staged perp walk.

Strye is reacting to the story, which first appeared here yesterday, that someone is plastering stickers in Nazareth again. There are big differences from what happened earlier this summer.

First, these stickers are a lot bigger. Nobody except those on foot noticed the postage-stamp sized stickers. These are easily visible to drivers.

Second, these stickers are a traffic hazard. Most have been placed on stop signs. The tiny stickers went on park benches, water fountains and other innocuous spots.

Third, these stickers don't say anything. They are Chicago Bulls logos. The tiny FT stickers, critical of  police chief Thomas Trachta, were an expression of core political speech.

Finally, and this fact seems to have eluded both Hizzoner and Trachta, I'm told these stickers have been spotted in Bushkill and Palmer Townships, Most seem to be around the high school and elementary school. The FT stickers were limited to the downtown section of Nazareth.

My guess is that whoever is doing this has probably never even heard of the Sticker Gang. But Strye uses this as an opportunity to both bash a judge and question why innocent people escaped a sentence in a case he never bothered to watch.

When Strye states he "does not care what a judge says," what he is really saying is that he can ignore the rule of law. When he states that innocent people should have been sentenced, despite never having witnessed the hopeless prosecution, he is again saying he can ignore the rule of law.

When we have a Mayor who effectively thumbs his nose at the courts and out criminal justice system, can he really expect others to follow the law? He is setting a terrible example.


Norco Twink said...

Nice cape of Mayor Sneakers, maybe him Deputy Dogg, and the Tractor Trailer can have a little party in the man cave where the beer flows and inhibitions are lost. Concepts of sexuality become loose when liquor courses through ones veins, a thick aroma of musty man smell churning in the damp basement air, darts, pool, naked twister?

All they need is me to bring by the swing and a gallon of astroglyde to complete their sexual liberation, Marty Dees can bring by the tripod (not JG) and document the experience, trust me it will go viral.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the Chicago chapter of the Sticker Gang cares about or understands the first Amendment. Sadly, the message they likely received from the FT lesson is that stickering signs is OK around here.

Anonymous said...

Trachta/Troxell 2016
Real Americans Who Won't Go Away

Anonymous said...

The word is out that stickering things in and around Nazareth is cool. If the police chief had quietly handled the Sticker Gang, without frog walk and a poorly prosecuted circus hearing, they'd probably have paid a fine and the world would have moved on. Instead, it's open season on stickering. The Sticker Gang and Nazareth authorities are all assholes and are all responsible in their own ways. The difference is that authorities should have known better.

UNT said...

The police should be looking at the high school. There are many kids who have seen these stickers on the roll.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:29, I doubt those kids even know about the Sticker Gang.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:50, last time I checked, "real" Americans didn't get off by using chains and leather.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:53, you have no idea what you're talking about and I doubt very much you hear any words but your own.

Anonymous said...

Bernie any idea when the StickerGang is expected to speak? Rumors are going around that they plan to address the media about their case and present evidence that the Chief and Council are hiding the truth from the public.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They have no obligation to say a word to anyone. That's a right, too.

Anonymous said...

Haha 6:50 I'd vote for Trachta and Troxell. Imagine America under vigilanty justice. Bring back the days of al Capone :)

Bernie O'Hare said...

We have a Mayor who does not care what a judge thinks and who has defamed three innocent people. A police department that is establishing quite the rep for civil rights violations.

These guys don't think they needs elections.