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Monday, September 08, 2014

Experimental Aircraft Fly-In FeaturesThe Sky Jeep

Designed for quick takeoffs on rough terrain, the ultralight Zenith 701 is also called the Sky Jeep. Pilot Rod Hatcher flew in from Saylorsburg for Sunday's 20th annual experimental aircraft fly-in at Braden's Airport in Forks Township.

"It's the first time I landed on a paved runway in the past four years," joked Hatcher. Even his tires come from a John Deere tractor.


Anonymous said...

This should be saved. if for no other reason than open space. Why should Northampton County always get the shaft when the "powers" screw up like they did on the LVIA Board. he blind leading the blind.

Anonymous said...

The LVIA Board followed the poor legal advice of their former solicitor who made big $$$ while losing appeal after appeal at every level rather than settling the case years ago. Braden is now on the chopping block because of years of bad legal counsel. Sad.