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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Judge Zito Will Hear From Gregory on Friday

Jim Gregory, a former Northampton County Human Services worker and write-in candidate for Bethlehem Mayor, is currently serving 15-month sentence at Graterford State Prison. Judge Leonard Zito imposed that sentence on September 6 because of Gregory's repeated violations of Protection From Abuse Act Orders. Judge Zito called him "arrogant and manipulative."

Gregory's lawyer, Michael Corcoran, filed an unrepentant motion for consideration, calling the state prison sentence "unduly harsh" while simultaneously attempting to minimize Gregory's repeated violations.

Judge Zito has scheduled a hearing this Friday, 9 AM, to entertain Gregory's motion.


Anonymous said...

He should sit right were he is until at least after the election. The country is screwed up enough without that maniac roaming around.

Hopefully the most the judge would even consider is letting him serve locally. However, the last time he cut him that break the asshole used convicts to contact his ex. He is a scumbag who should stay in Graterford.

His ex should have the right to send a letter to the judge and not have to be in the same room with that nutcase again.

Anonymous said...

the best part of jg ran down his mother's leg - what a waste of humanity

Anonymous said...

So,the arguement is that the Trier of Fact got the fact's wrong? For a contempt of Court charge? Either he did it, or he didn't.

Unity PAC said...

The Cheesey Cheeto will veto any plea for reduction of sentence or transfer to 666 Walnut. He is a serial sadist like the mad blogger from Naz. Both are insanely jealous of Gregory's good looks and ability to woo younger women into his bedroom. The tic tac and pasta bowl should consider getting a one bedroom and stop living a closeted lifestyle that causes them to be sadistic and vindictive.

Anonymous said...

Why would the judge waste anymore time or money with him ! He has already bent over backwards and sideways for this dangerous lying loser. Do all criminals get treated this way? JG will say or do anything to get attention whether its good or bad, and he does know the difference, he just doesn't care ! He is in prison because he has no regard for the law or for anything or anybody but himself and what he wants. Why entertain his sickness ? He is more dangerous now than ever! Please your honor do not fall for it again! People's lives are in danger !!!

Anonymous said...

All Mr. Gregory wants is a chance at living in peace. Does anyone have any compassion? Are we all just animals?

Anonymous said...

He is a master manipulator .
We've seen it over and over and over again.
He has never acknowledged any wrong doing and instead has lied repeatedly, in and out of court. He has hurt his friends and family and the all people who cared for him the most. It is clear he has lost his mind and is dangerous. Sad some are still allowing him to deceive them. He needs to be alone with Jim Gregory for a while and meditate on all he has done.

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome of the hearing Bernie?

Bernie O'Hare said...

The case was not called. I do not know why. But there was another matter in front of Zito that I will write about soon.