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Monday, October 07, 2013

A Field Of Pink

About 75 people created a field of pink in Hanover Township
Thousands of pink flags were planted by cancer survivors and family members along a vacant field on Hanoverville Road, to raise breast cancer awareness, along with some money. Each flag is inscribed in honor of a breast cancer sufferer. Hanover Township Community Center's Leah Walia and Cathy Heimsoth, along with TeamX, helped organize the event. Over $3,600 was raised for the Lehigh Valley Health Network.

The flags will stay in place throughout October.

Each flag is inscribed with the name of someone who won or lost the battle against cancer. 


Anonymous said...

r these signs legal IAW hanovers codes?

Leah said...

Thank You Bernie for sharing this. Cathy and I work hard on this event and it was a lovely day.