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Monday, October 28, 2013

Michael Schware: The Best Comm'r that Ott and Woodman Can Buy

Compared to Northampton County, I've only scratched the surface in Lehigh, where appointed Commissioner Mike Schware is running against Emmaus' Wes Barrett in District Five.

Schware reports raising $12,335 over the most recent period, giving him a total of $22,935. Of that $10,000 came from GOP Party boss Wayne Woodman, and Woodman's wife, Lisa (Woodman) Scheller. Another $2,500 came from the My Lehigh County PAC, which is controlled by Ott and Woodman.

Schware also reports $13,050 in in-kind contributions from Vote Scott Ott so far this year. This is to allocate costs for Kial Vidic, who is Ott campaign manager.

The Board of Commissioners is supposed to be a check and balance on the County Executive. But between Ott and Woodman, they control roughly 70% of the campaign money and in-kinds going to Schware. There is absolutely no way he can claim independence. He is there to do as he's told.


Anonymous said...

once again your ass is showing. slam the guy for no real reason and provide a picture of him with a child. I know there is no mirror in your dump - not even you can stand to look yourself in the face.

I wonder if you were a better human being when you were a cheating drunk lawyer.

Anonymous said...

schware's a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:03

I agree that Schware is a good guy. He also happens to be a bad Commissioner who is bought and paid for by Woodman. Do you really think Schware is going to question Woodman on anything he wants? Schware and Ott are Woodman's franchise and his ticket to bigger things beyond being County Chair.

Anonymous said...

Schware is a lapdog for Woodman and Ott. Schware recently moved to defer the vote on keeping the zoo saying he "needed more information". Conveniently that vote will now take place AFTER the election so Ott won't be forced to make a yes/no vote before then. Compare that to when Schware was appointed to the Board of Commissioners and he didn't hesitate to vote for reassessment at his very first meeting. Funny thing that he didn't say anything then about needing "more Information". If you are puzzled by that, all you need to know is that Woodman got a $3,400 tax break through reassessment. And since this was also pushed by the Lehigh Valley Assoc. of Realtors you should look no further than Schware's most recent campaign finance report where he lists an in-kind donation of $2,475 from them. If it looks and smells like a bought and paid for quid pro quo, chances are that's what it is.

Anonymous said...

poor form Bernie putting a picture of the guy with his kid on your political blog, even if you did get it in the public realm.

I am sure you would have an issue somebody posting a picture of you and your grandson up in a political discourse thread.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do not know enough about Schware to know whether he is a "good" person. What I do know that is that, during his stint as a Comm'r, he has shown no independence. He has done what the Ott block has wanted him to do. His finance report shows that is likely to continue. And that is why I "slam" him, 5:44. He is not his own man.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"poor form Bernie putting a picture of the guy with his kid on your political blog, even if you did get it in the public realm."

I took the picture. It is my work. That is his daughter. There is nothing personal in my post about Schware.

If anything, using that pic humanizes him and makes him look like a better candidate. You are just fishing for trouble, nit out of concern for Schware, but because of your own hatred of me. Do us all a favor and go see a shrink.

Anonymous said...

Mike is a CPA who should know the meaning of independence.

I'm not opposed to taking some funding from the party organization. But, this is really a personal funding source and lacks reasonable independence.

The totally unqualified county controller owes his position to the same pot of money.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly his opponent STILL outraised him by a wide margin. Schware is most likely to lose from this crop of R incumbents (though Creighton seems to be trying hard to join him). He is underfunded, a lapdog and a horrible record. That he is an incumbent, been outraised and a couple of large contributors shows he is also a terrible candidate.

Bill said...

I know Mike, he is my neighbor, and although our politics are different, and we disagree on a number of issues I do not believe he is the kind of man that just goes along with whatever he is "told to do." I do however appreciate knowing where money is flowing to and from, as voters we should have this type of information.

Anonymous said...

Dude is a tool.

Anonymous said...

Schware and Mazzioti are the members of the "Reform Team" I can deal with.

Schware will lose to Barrett though.... Wes is very popular in Emmaus and an incredibly hard worker. He even gets some respect from the rabid Emmaus "cepta" crowd.

He's also a really cool story. Started his business when he was a teenager. Continuously grew it over the last 20 years into one of the best in his field. I Don't always agree with him on every issue but he's a fantastic guy. Really smart. and he's in politics for all the right reasons.

Wes Barrett lives and breathes his hometown.