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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ott's Lapdogs

Yesterday, I hit Lehigh County Executive candidate Scott Ott pretty hard over his broken promises. He simply has not done what he is taking credit for in his campaign literature, even now. When called on it by a friendly right wing radio talk show host, he suddenly became forgetful about whether he really has cut spending. This was the morning after he voted for a budget that increases spending to its highest point ever. He simply is not a man of his word.

After my pieces published, I received a few emails from one of Ott's Commissioners. He wanted to remain "off the record," which tells me he's gutless. But he wanted me to know how wrong I am. Later in the day, I got a call from another one of Ott's Commissioners, telling me he is disappointed in me, too, and he does not want to talk to me anymore.

"OK, I'll call you after the election."

That wasn't good enough. I was accused of colluding with Tom Muller campaign Manager Michael Fleck, told to go to Hell, and then the Commissioner hung up.

Never mind that I've spoken to Fleck a grand total of three times during this race, with each call lasting about 30 seconds.

This afternoon Commissioner, along with the morning Commissioner, are two of the people who are supposed to act as a check and balance on the County Executive. But when it comes to Ott, they will be lapdogs, not watchdogs.

This is what happens when a party boss and his wife buy candidates.


Anonymous said...

more of ohairless's lies and bs. what proof do we have that 2 commissioners called him? why would they bother to waste their time on this scumbag?


Anonymous said...

Bernie, your work on uncovering money and inner-party machinations in politics is groundbreaking. Who knew? You're a regular Bob Woodward.

It's refreshing that you haven't reported any of these shenanigans on the D side. That they do not participate in this kind of game, and that there are not D lapdogs is the real story here. If there were, you'd certainly tell us, right?

Please develop the racist theme a little more. Our children and grandchildren deserve a more hateful world left by old white race baiters like you. Our grandchildren will be hating each other like nobody's business as a result of your fine efforts.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that all the Ott supporters bash Bernie rather than deal with the facts that were raised.

1)The overwhelming majority of Schware's money came from Woodman/Scheller/Ott. He can claim he hasn't been bought until he is blue in the face but that doesn't change the fact that he has no support outside of that trio and the bill will come due.

2) Ott/Mazziott/Scheller ran promising, flat out promising, that they would "actually reduce spending". Not slow the growth of spending, not reduce a proposed budget, not wait until one of them was elected County Executive - but actual reduce spending on a year over year basis as Commissioners!!

The budget they all just voted for increases County spending to an all-time high. That is a fact. So rather than acknowledge that they attack Bernie. That alone tells you Bernie is right.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 8:02. More race baiting, please.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"It's refreshing that you haven't reported any of these shenanigans on the D side. "

Over the years, i have probably been far more critical of local Ds and their shenanigans than local Rs.

Anonymous said...

In Lehigh County, the R's run the show. D shenanigans are futile and silly when you get down to it in that context. Worth noting that Bernie has been relentless with Pawlowski and his pack of lapdogs.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see deficit spending, look at Scheller's campaign finance reports for this year. She is over $100K in the red. Hope that is not a foreshadowing of what she will do to the County.

Anonymous said...

Demorats support obamacare

Anonymous said...

Did not know Fleck is running Mueller's campaign. That explains plenty. Even running against an unaccomplished lunatic like Ott, the Dems seem to be well on their way to another missed opportunity due to a lackluster effort.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the better people in Lehigh County be allowed to buy representatives of their choise?

Anonymous said...

Muller is ready for a nursing home

Anonymous said...

I thought capt kangaroo died in the 90s

Anonymous said...

Fleck runs sleaze. Bernie runs sleaze. Scott runs positive. Positive wins.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The comments here demonstrate pretty clearly just how " positive" the Ott campaign is.

Anonymous said...

Negative campaigns are a sign of a loser. Negative campaigns hurt the messenger's campaign at about two thirds the rate of damage on the target. It's much too late for this tactic to work. Muller and his surrogates, like Bernie, are still negatively attacking a week from the election. Bernie accurately cites Ott's negative defenders, but they're quick response and not message carrying. Scott has been positive against Muller from the first day. Muller tried to stay positive, but let Fleck and Bernie take over with the negative personal message when it was clear he was losing. The lap dog analogy is extra funny, in this context. Watching Bernie sitting on Fleck's lap doing his yapping for him is just too much. These may just be the end times.

Anonymous said...

Scott Ott is a breath of fresh air in a very stale Lehigh County executive office. Throw out all those old Cunningham hacks and let us start anew!

Anonymous said...


-unbelieveable the bullshit people will spout to support even the goofiest candidate.

Anonymous said...


You are really turning into self important drama queen.

Breaking news flash.......
A political candidate spun the truth today......next up dog bites man......film at 11.

Muller's CFR is a whos who of trough feeders, unions, attorneys and venders. The same pay to play people you always bemoan, but not this time.



Bernie O'Hare said...

He did not spin the truth. He flat out lied. He got caught by none other than Bobby Gunther Walsh. But he'll play his guitar to you at Sunday School, so don't worry. Baaaa.

Anonymous said...

I'm a republican who at first was dead set on voting for Muller. (I still will....)

Over the course of receiving dozen or so mailers from both campaigns I've found the Muller campaign has actually turned me off to him.

I follow LC politics pretty closely so I think I understand what Ott really is.... and it scares me.

But trying to look at this as someone who doesn't follow politics closely the Muller campaigned has fumbled this thing. Big time.

They don't even have a website. At least not one I can find. This is exhibit A of how the campaign failed to separate style from substance. Ott is all style. Muller actually has substance. But this doesn't translate onto palmcards or robo's.

I really do think it's been a terribly run campaign. The LC dems can't help themselves but to go negative and concentrate on old-line campaign tactics like endless negative mailers and yardsigns.

There are so many ISSUES to go after Ott on. The Muller campaign did not have to take the tact it did and I think in the end it will hurting him.

Just my 2 cents.